Expectations/ edit:my current take

I would say that an interracial relationship is definitely in my future now for two reasons:
A) I go to school with very few black guys and zero that I am actually attracted to.
B) I find myself not being attracted to black guys at all any more. It used to be that when people would say "I'm never dating this or that race again" I would say that's stupid because people of one race aren't all the same. But now that I've had my heart broken by one black guy and I've been mistreated by others, I just don't see myself with them any more. I'm not saying that men of African decent are all bad, but the ones I've dated are and I think my subconscious is finally catching up. Very light-skinned non-African mixed race men are really lighting my fire lately. I half feel guilty about it and I half don't give a sh*t.

Having an interracial relationship is not a goal of mine per se. Coming from where I'm from, having an interracial relationship is not such a huge challenge socially and no two of my previous interests/boyfriends are of the same race.
I'm talking about having an interracial relationship, not getting one, cause you're still expected to stick with your own kind somehow.
That is why I would like to advise everyone in this group to put away your expectations about what other people should be attracted to, even based on their past relationships. The only way you'll know is if they tell you.
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been there, done that too.<br />
don't believe the hype. i really didn't care about what other people thought. it was the parental thingie that was a bummer. <br />
if everyone on this planet married someone of a different race, racial discrimination would siece to exist within one generation. <br />
think on that............

Yes! We are all one and people cannot help who they love. A good person is a good person and they are not too easy to come by... All races are already mixed so the more the merrier :)