I'm Not Attracted To Black Guys.

I'm a black woman but when it comes to which guys I'm attracted to, I tend to choose anyone except black guys.  It's not that I don't like them, but I'm not physically or romantically attracted to them whatsoever.  I just look at them like... eh.  But show me a hot white, Asian or Latino and I'm like "YUM!!!"
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if you did get a boyfriend would you rather kiss his mouth or his bellybutton first?

Same with me. Its just my preference and Its what I like. I just love white guys. Iam also black women. If tell anyone that I prefer dating outside of my race. I would usually get a response that im just curious or white washed. Not true what so ever!!. Some people can't except the fact that your different from the usual. I literally had a black guy told that black men don't like me either. All because I told him that I would rather date outside of my race.

It's a class/social status issue. Unfortunately the ones we like don't see us in their caliber because we are black :/

i am the same in reverse just like you Im a black man, however i am attracted to only very pretty, flawless and mixed black women only but when I see latino, white, and asian women im just like you YUMMMMY!!! just my preference. good for you

Me too. And the only black guy I have been attracted to has been half black. It's just a preference.

I can definitely relate to What your saying I'm not attracted to the average black man either.Generally speaking their skin is too dark and their lips are too big and their facial features. Are not refined enough to be attractive to me.when I see them on the train they always look geometry and dirty like they need a shower.They remind me of a pack of ugly cockroaches. most. Black guys chase after women who won't give them the time of day anyway. They are so stupid. They don't realize most attractive women don't take them seriously.

That's very offensive and unnecessary to even bring up. Saying that somebody looks like a pack of ugly cockroaches is pretty low and shows you have an IQ of a string bean. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and nobody cares what you're attracted to but leave all of that offensive crap to yourself. You must be one miserable old fart.

Lol I'm the exact same way except I'm ONLY attracted to latino men.

Yeah I don't mean to make a big deal about this and I agree with most of the thing people say but the way I see it u just fall for a guy or woman for looks but I guess u know that

Sorry I meant to say u can't fall for a guy base on looks

U know what iam sorry but this is bull I mean no matter what color u are black or white you all going to be treated the same way either he be nice to u or he treat u like **** that goes for women to vise versa the point is u can't chose who u fall in love with it happen natural as for my black women knock that **** off because you know better and also I try white girls to same treatment in the long run it all about finding the right man and women and when u do take care of them and there take of u I speak for all races

Okay, I never said anything about falling in love. I was talking about initial attraction and myself personally. I've never been attracted to black men. I'm not trying to make this about color at all.

idk noe bout dis I love me some chocolate but I also like other flavors truth be told those samoans ....MMM

I know EXACTLY how you feel except I'm physically attracted just not sexually attracted to black men.

I have never been attracted ever since I was little Ive loved other races other than my own. (:

I didn't know there were Black women that liked Asians. I mean I've seen Black girls with White men and Latinos...certainly Black men...but very rarely do I see them with Asians. One thing is for sure...when you find a good partner...it won't matter what race they are. Beautiful is as beautiful does....and that's what this world needs.

I'm a gay black male and I am not attracted to black men period. I've been with black men in the past and come to conclusion that its not worth it. It has nothing to do with physical attributes, hygiene, skin color. dont like their mentality. I grew up in California in a very mixed family. My dad is Latino, mom black, white aunts uncles and Asian cousins. Black men see me as they see themselves and come to the conclusion that it is just better to stay away from them relationship wise. I'm a proud afro lantio male but when I see a black male i stay on guard.

I'm in the same situation. I'm currently in a happy relationship with my white gf (im a black male engineering student she's a nursing major), but growing up, most of my family is from the south, i was always under the impression that i HAD to date black women. I tried for years searching for a decent one, but most were ghetto or did not have the educational/career ambition that the white and asian girls had. Don't get me wrong, i find very few black women sexy, but b/c i've had crappy experiences in the past with skanky black girls that are attracted to "swag" and had no personality of their own, i'm not sure if i could give black girls another chance if i were to ever leave my relationship. i've done some traveling while in the military and met some fantastic women of all races, but i noticed that even when i met bright young ambitions black women my past experiences hindered me from being attracted to them.

it just seems that i can't find a black woman that i can just have a normal, intelligent conversation that is about real things, it's been so long i don't even know what we black people talk about anymore, i rarely have any black friends b/c most at my age you can tell aren't going anywhere with their lives. i wish i had some where to reconnect with my roots but my generation seems to suck

I have the same issue. Only difference is that I love black men; I love all men, but at my age (19) it is hard and rare to find a young black male who actually have goals and ambitions, and sets high standards for themselves. I'm currently in college and all the guys here are still little boys. It seems like every black young man I've tried to get to know only cares about petty, superficial things that will not help them with their future so at the moment I'm seeking other options until I find what I am looking for.

Hmmm...aren't a lot of boys like that? But...I will admit...keeping your options open and being selective until you find what you want is the way to go....that's what I would recommend to any girl.

Most guys are like that for sure. I was just mentioning black guys because that was who we were talking about. Also, a lot of young black men have this stupid "hood" mentality that gets old pretty quick.

I love Black women and my wife loves them more..... We are white

I feel the same way. As a black woman I am not attracted to black men. I don't that there is anything wrong with them. I just come to the conclusion that they are not for me.

You know whats funny I always imagined I would marry a woman that wasn't american. My current girlfriend is peruvian. I'm white.

Good to see that black women are broadening their horizons and looking at other men. As a black man, one of the things that turned me off from black women is the constant berating of black men. According to them, EVERYTHING is the black man's fault ...... EVERYTHING. <br />
<br />
Going to college, I ran into women of other races, even black women from other countries. Didn't hear that constant berating at all, not even from black women from other countries. It was truly a breath of fresh air being with those women. <br />
<br />
I wish all black women who wants to date outside their race should. The more the better. One thing is for sure, if your life doesn't turn out as perfect as you thought it should, you can't blame the black man this time.

This is all very interesting. I am black and for years I have told myself that black (particularly darker toned black men) are the only type of man i would want. This article tho is beginning to make me question what it is about that type of man that I was attracted to. I thought for a while that all I wanted was a black man like JZ or someone like that (not bc of his fame but his swag). Im not trying to be offense in any way Im just trying to get my point across. Now I'm starting to wonder if all I was attracted to was a persona that some black men portray. Maybe it is all just a bunch of hype. I am an insecure girl who has been told that I am attractive by white and black men but I always felt (maybe subconsciously) its safer to stick with black men.

I also am no longer attracted to most black men that I encounter. I have dated them over the years, but I'm finding that as time goes on, I just have more fun with white and asian men. They are just more natural and at ease with who they are, be it intellectual, technology nerd, 'not so cool' or whatever. They don't feel the need to show all this "swagger" and don't have the hyper masculine habits and mannerisms that I see many black men exhibiting. The overly aggressive attitude of today's black man turns me off. The over confidence, which is really just a facade hiding deep insecurities.... I'm not into it. Men of other races don't seem to have to go through all of that to feel or seem manly, and yes, I'm sure that the degradation and maligning of the black race as a whole has helped to cause this type of behavior in BM, but still, I don't want to be bothered with it. A man that can just talk to me without trying to look, sound and act cool or "hard" is what I'm into. I like intellectual, laid back individuals who are into education, adventure sports and travel. Most BM I run into are not those things, and the ones that are seem to be the flip side of me: into mostly non black women. Ironic, huh? lol Also, when I have dated the more "upscale", normal behaving black male, he seems to think he's doing me a favor by being with me since he can get other race women easily. And the bullshit and mind games then ensue.... from his end.<br />
I don't have time for it - I'm trying to live a good life and be happy.<br />
<br />
So, you are not the only one. In fact, our numbers are growing as we begin to realize that being "loyal to the race" doesn't get black women any rewards or happiness. Especially since we're the main ones doing it (usually). Welcome to true freedom of thought and choice, all my sisters!

You have hit the nail on the head with your accurate description of black male behavior.

Your not the only ones doing but ignorant black women like you need to date a white man stop making excuses and be a sellout like you want to be I know plenty of black men that love black women y'all black women just really don't know black men smh how do women of other races know more about the black men then black women you need to check yourself and stop self hating I can't stand ignorant black women

I'm the same way. I have nothing against black men. I've just always been more drawn to white men. Nice to know I'm not alone.

I am so glad I'm not alone in this. I'm a young black woman that isn't attracted to black men romantically/sexually. If you put equally good looking men of all races in a room I'm always bound to be attracted to white, Hispanic and Asian men (not in any particular order lol). I find that the black guys I did find attractive, I ended up finding out they were mixed later. No specific reason, its just what turns me on lol

Well it is nice to see other black women speak on how they like a white man. As a white man who loves black women I too am glad you are breaking down this barrier. It's time each race got over this you can't be with him or her because of color thing. My wife is black and I'm so glad I found her. She's a great person, a good mom and sexy as hell.

thanks sister we are the same thanks 4 being honest

Props for your honesty, Caramel and Lady. <br />
I've just never had a preference for one color or another. Not a political thing, maybe I just like diversity.

OMG me too not romantically or sexually attracted to black me. I find some very attractive but the idea of being with one well ew. No offense but still ew and the only black guy I do like or have liked (who I must add is now my bff) is the only one. I think I like him because he's half PR. God to know that I'm not the only black girl who isnt romantically or sexually attracted to black me. Show me a white man anyday and I will need a towel to wipe up the drool!