She Was A Gorgeous Ebony Wraith Before Intimacy, A Cuddle Buddy After..

In this story, I will spare details and convoluted descriptions. I believe every word should have a purpose, a reason for being in a story. If it didn't exist, something should be missing from the story. No extras, no fluff. As generous and intimate I am in giving physical affection (very), is as terse and concise I am in speech. Not out of meanness or grumpy outlooks. It just makes things clear, simple, obvious, non-redundant, unsuperfluous; unlike the previous few sentences.

I live near Chicago, IL, a tumultuous racial mix. I meet a black MILF at the library. Let's call her Sally. I offer her a massage (saying that right there at the library! freaky!). She looks me up and down, smiles and accepts.

Sally: but JUST a massage. I have a son your age [she did], and I know how you boys are.
Me: Of course

(at her place)

Sally: Oo, that feels nice.
Me: feels nice here too, shh.. Let me do the work.
[I do the work on her shoulders, while sitting behind her, my legs on either side of her]

Me: lean forward a bit, let me get your back
[she leans forward, i massage her back]

Me: come back up.
[she does. I start kissing her neck]

Sally: Hmmm, yes.
[i move her closer. I have an erection at this point [[i'm a thick guy down there, and i make sure she can feel it]

Sally: Tim (me), just a massage...
Me: ok, I know. [i'm very horny, but I control it, and keep my hands decent. I keep kissing her softly, slowly grinding into her while moving my hands over her back, her sides, her tummy and legs. Staying away from forbidden zones per her request. After a few minutes, she guides my hand to her breast. I accept, squeeze gently, and kiss harder.

Sally: Ohhh! you white guys.
Me: no, not white guys. just me haha.

I massage her breasts from behind. She's sitting on my lap now. I do all the work and grind back and forth. I am wearing sweatpants, so is she. So she can feel quite a bit.

Me: face me.
She does. I lay her down on the bed and kiss her neck, her breasts, her abdomen. All the while my arms are gliding over her skin, teasing her and caressing her. I keep kissing her breasts, sucking on her nipples, softly kissing her neck, shoulders, and down to kissing her abdomen.

She wraps her legs around me. We still have some clothing on. She tightens her hold with her legs. I say:
Me: not yet.
She looks at me bewildered. I wink ;-)

I go lower, continuing to kiss down her abdomen.. below her belly button... I pull back her cute undies and continue kissing. I can sense her heat and wetness now..

I push her legs apart. She is shy. I insist. She says ok but is still shy. I move my tongue up and down her *****, sticking it inside. She moans. She is getting wetter. my hands are caressing and holding her body, periodically massaging her breasts..

I cup my mouth over her ***** and flick my tongue very lightly against her ****. She shudders a little bit in pleasure. I look up and I can see her getting excited. She is really wet now.

I suck on her ****, making sure to keep my mouth intimately pressed against her ***** to preserve the heat and moisture. She enjoys it. After ~8 minutes, I can feel her body tensing and shuddering. Her hands press my head against her crotch, her legs wrap around and squeeze me inside her. I keep sucking and licking devotionally, thinking of it like a race (as in contest) I must finish. Despite the sexual excitement of the whole thing, she has me pressed against her so that I have trouble breathing. Remember, my mouth and tongue are entirely occupied. The angles work out so that my nose barely has space to sneak in air. I continue to lick and suck devotionally, making sure she *******.

And she does. I can taste it, and I can feel her body shuddering as I hold her and continue licking her.

It helps to think of adjusting your aim and tempo to achieve maximum results, as in a video game. Yes, I did just speak of video games in an erotic story. Anyways, what I mean is that one has to listen and observe while at the same time being devoted to the task. Look for signs of greater or lesser pleasure, and maximize those that illicit more moans, fiercer *******, tighter squeezes, etc...

After making her climax through oral, she offers that me and her can have sex. I say... no, one more time.

Sally: What?..

I go back to work before she can say more. This time I know what to do better, having observed her signs. Every woman is different, so I am not a cassanova or lover-boy who has a one-size-fits-all. I pay attention to each one. Quality is more important than quantity [and entails less time in dank bars and painfully proper public places].

I lick her again. She **** again. I make sure to keep my tongue and my mouth firmly against her body. I can feel her wetness as she ****. Her convulsions are violent, loud, deliciously satisfying to both of us.

She whispers: "you can have me", already exhausted from two dedicated orally-induced *******.

I enter her. My large, thick **** pushes deeep inside her. She moans again as I bend down to kiss her breasts and neck as I slowly start to pump back and forth...

[email me if you want to know the rest of this delicious story. It is true, no fiction].

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great story very hot ;)