if i could marry any race  it would be a man i dont see color i see the heart of that man and how am treated 2012 love   has no color
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Have you had the interracial relationship you wanted?

Did you ever get round to having one?

Once you try black you'll never get back.

Hi can you add me?

Have you found the man to have this with?

I so agree with you. I look at his eyes, his face, his smile. The way that his warm hands feel on my body. And I am so thankful that his skin is dark. So sexy.

Wow you are beautiful. I'd so love to play with you. I've looked at your pics and I gotta say wwooww!!!! And mmmmm

So u heard that African Americans have bigger dicks?

What if he is an ABC?

A chinaman?

I was in college in the 60s. Dating interraciallly was something we enjoyued in those days, and for some times after. I have always felt that being comfortable has to do with the person, not the color of the person's skin.

Such a beautiful thought!

That sounds so beautiful! , there should be more people in the world like you and i .....i would love to get to know a sweet and caring woman like you....i like your personality.......

couldnt agree more with you!

Love never had any colour, its our limitations that make us judge the unknown.

Back in the day, when I filled out a form that asked for my race, I circled cockcasion. Now that's no longer an option. they've replaced it with "white". Now when It asks for race, I write in "human"....A person's race may define them in some ways, but the heart is not defined by race or ethnicity

I have heard too many stories about black men that I honestly think the myth is over rated. Black can get very possesive and dominating. I have heard many stories that black men do not like to eat ***** but they want you to suck them off. This is not true in all cases, there are alot of great black men out there but just be careful.

Well put!

Very true , I'm married to a Australian aboriginal girl , I'm white and we are very happy and in love

I don't care about he same the color of a woman's skin. The feel of a woman in my arms feels the same no matter the color of her skin. The emotions feel the same.

very true....

absolutely true!

LOVE has no boundaries its only the eyes of the moronic idiots that build a wall because of colour/race/creed should be the same no boundary rulre with religion & political views

all that matters is mutual love both emotional and physical

its my liking hon.. i too like interracial love..

I like what u have to say... Would love to connect w u plz

Love is just love as you sed it has no color