I am a 34 year old guy that is looking for a women that wants to be friends so we can get to know each other and I hope to have some of the same interest as each other so we will getalong good like camping or fishing or any thing els funn
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hopes u'll get

No man is an island...said John by the fact that you went your way and acknowledged that you need a lifelong a good need to discern it quite well though what sort of friends you like...I mean..are you just open to anyone? or you have your own preferences and expectations of a friend as well?

I am just looking for a single women as a friend for now that loves jesus as much as I do

It will come to you...just don't give up easily and keep looking...keep praying as well that God would send you the right person that he has reserved for you...If not, it's also worth looking if you are called into another sort of life....single blessedness or religious life, maybe who knows...keep praying...

I will