Attracted To The Beauty Of Dark-skinned Ladies!

I have always been attracted to African-American women. This is my personal (external) preference, and I see no difference to my preference over someone who likes Blondes, Redheads, etc. Obviously for any relationship to succeed, there must be more than mutual physical attraction, personalities must be meld and compliment one another...

The color of one's skin should never be considered a deterrent by others. Why is this such an issue? People are people. People should only be judged regarding their own behavior, not their skin-tone. All 'boundaries' should be removed, and all prejudices should disappear. I could care less what others would think regarding me having a beautiful Black girl on my arm. I would only get upset if her feelings were hurt due to derogatory remarks.

God willing, I will find my beautiful woman of color, or she will find me. Most likely my search will have to go beyond the boarders of my small city, and quite possibly the borders of my country, as well (demographics are not in my favor, locally). That may sound desperate, yet I see it more as being realistic. The saying 'Love knows no boundaries' applies here. All relationships (in my opinion) should begin on a solid base of friendship, understanding, and strong communication. This can begin via any sort of communication. Obviously preference is via face to face interaction, yet other mediums can also serve to develop a foundation. I feel no pressure nor anxiety over my interest, I only wish to meet a quality woman, and let time take it's course.

May everyone find their own happiness!
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Good luck you will regret it they suck at love

Very true. Such is always the case when searching for your soulmate, Sir!

No no no just black girls they suck


I appreciate your candor regarding your opinion. I, personally have never dated a black lady, thus I honestly do not have any opinion regarding stereotypes whatsoever. You have your past experiences and I certainly can not argue with you. May we both find someone that is wonderful for ourselves.

All the best to you, young man!

Giz we don't suck at love.

Yes exacyly what i'm talking about yall are bitter for nothing yall are the only race that act like that bitter becuase of somebody elses mistakes is not attractive yall all are like that I never met any black women that is not like that I live around yall and yall are terrible

Yes yall do why dont yall suck

Im not bitter from a past relationship just fed up with black women yall dont know how to love other races deserve us not yall

No honey...we dont. Someone is either bitter from a past relationship with a bw, or they are one of those bm who think wm shouldnt be with bw. You and I both know least some of us, know how to love.

All yall do is get smart start drama and trouble

Why dont yall suck?

Yea whatever I always dated black women for 22 years you will see what im talking about after you date one I guess you got to make your own mistakes young man

I dont know what you've been through and what bw hurt you. You can have your preferance, but your innate hate of bw is appaling. You are spreading hate. The fashion in which you refer to bw here shows other races here why relationships between bm and bw are failing and why bw are looking for love else where.

Young man, Im a very successful bw. Ive been through alot at the hands of bm. Ive been raped, beaten, forced to drink urine, saw my mother beaten, verbally abused, and almost murdered, all at the hands of bm, yet I do not hate bm. I now prefer wm as they are in close proximity in my line of work, and I just desire wm.

I hope you dont remain bitter and full of hate forever.


Its failing becuase of black women I went through a lot with black women and I wish it wasnt like this but is yall are terrible black women look for other races becuase they distroyed their own why do you think most black men are married to other races becuse yall are not loveable yes yall are strong but besides that yall suck why do you think most rich black men marry outside our race im not bitter yall are

Young women

And some black men do beat and rape people just like all the other races and im sorry you been through from talking to you you sound nice if it was more black women like you I wouldnt run from yall

You do realize there are black women such as myself from ALL OVER THE WORLD with different upbringing and cultural practices than African American women or the ones you grew up around. And I'm not saying AAwomen are bad at relationships. There are all different kinds of African American women with different cultural upbringings. I'm quite sure there are AA women totally capable of love that are not all drama and bitterness. You need to travel and see the world, meet more people and expand your horizons. There is more out there than what you have experienced. I for one have had horrible experiences with black men. But I know enough to know that my experience is not all there is. In any case you are entitled to your preference and opinion. If you don't want to date BW that's your choice, but your hate for us is unfortunate. Just know that not all black women are like that and you shouldn't try to stop someone else from seeking BW if that is what they desire.

I didnt try to stop anyone from stop liking black women I was just warning him of the danger he is getting his self into and black culture is black culture anything else is not black culture I think you are say there are black women who except other cultures that is worst than regular black women

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I agree ...inspiring lovely words! Good luck, hope you find her!

Thank you, Ms. Liseri. I am pleased that you enjoyed my story!

Wow....this is awesome and very much inspiring. I pray you find your black beauty.

Wonderful response, thank you for your kind words, Ms. SeeMeGolden!

I admire and respect you exquisite taste in women! You will find your black beauty. Seek and you shall find!!!

lol...Thank you. Hopefully my admiration does become my reality.

Thank you so much, Ms. chocomint!

The pleasure is mine ... who knows she may come to you!!!

Oh boy. Now that sounds wonderful!

The possibility exists! Just remembered something ... Rebekah was brought to Isaac. He did not go looking for her. Maybe that is how it may be with you!! Don't lose hope but live with earnest expectation!!! You will know her when you see her!

Thank you so much. I do believe that my Ebony Lady radar is set on high!

Don't turn that dial down! Keep it up!

Sorry...I now do not have control. It will remain at its present setting....Woohoo!


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She was the person King Solomon had fallen in love with but had gotten-"Love Sick" in return. Have you read the account of Song of Solomon? The King vividly , uniquely and beautifully described "us" as One.<br />
<br />
well if you ask me, I am not so dark-between the color of a chocolate and a milk. its like mocha. LOL. <br />
<br />
but I only started to appreciate my skin color <br />
when people around me said its beautiful. =)<br />
<br />
bdw, I'am attracted to King Solomon's Skin-color.<br />
I hope someday I <br />
could find my King Solomon. =)

All women are doubt about that. Skin tone is just one small attribute.

Your King awaits you Ms. Dock!

I can understand why you'd be attracted to us dark skinned ladies, we're just beautiful. I wish you all the best with your search Mr NorthernMan :)

Well I certainly can not disagree with you, Ms. Ebony lady. Dark skinned ladies definitely are very beautiful.

Thank you so much.

Awww I really enjoyed this! I want my white knight too!

All the best to you. Everyone should find their own happiness.

That was honestly the best one I've read :-)

Well thank you so much. This was one of the first stories that I wrote!

The words spoke to me because I feel the same way...well I don't want a black girl but I want a caucasian guy lol so i completely resonated with the story

LOL, yes i did understand what you meant. I am very glad that you can acknowledge my passion regarding my interest.

All the best to you, young lady!

I hope you find her too!

Thank you very much!

All the best to you.

Wow! I hope you find her and that she finds you. Like you I have a preference for white men and I hope he finds me too.

Thank you. It will work out for both of us, have faith as well as patience.

Take care

I hope so as my faith, hope, and patience are slowly slipping away

LOL, do not worry

There are many white gentlemen out there like me that find Ebony women unbelievable beautiful

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May your search end in success. I hope that one day soon you find your love and she is all that you have hoped for in woman.

Wow, what a very beautiful gesture, my friend, Thank you.

All the best to you.

So wonderfully written wish everyone had a sense of judgment like you. ;)

Thank you very much for the kind words, my friend!

NP! :D

Well said....

Thank you very much!

I like that, very sweet.

Thank you very much for the kind words.

This is lovely! Good luck with finding your woman... :D

Thank you very much, friend!