Not Attracted To African American Men Anymore

I haven’t been attracted to black men since I was 20 years old. I kept forcing it and dated African American men anyway. Now every time I see a black man I am automatically turned off. I was attracted to two black men these past 8 years but that is it. He can be so cute and it doesn’t matter, I’m still finding African American men unattractive. I love TALL men so if your over 6’5, I’m attracted to you to an extent, and you can be any race.

Don’t get me wrong. I will always LOVE African American men but I want to date a different ethnicity. I have dated an Italian man and a Mexican. They were great friends and lovers. I don’t think I could marry a black man though. It makes me feel bad but it is what it is!
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Greetings ms.lady
Im a natural 6"7' thourghbreed who would like to really meet you.I am Native American and i love my tribe cause we sooo crunk.On both my parents side Im cherokee/Irish/Scottish.
I love creamy blackgirls.i date only blackgirls because it turns me on sooo much.i nearly have an ****** in my jeans when i see them lol.i could be sooo romantic with you candle lite dinners and spa!

To each their own, it's your life, your choices. No one can knock you for that.

I use to think there was something wrong with me because of the way that felt about black men. Like you said love but they are not for me. Soooooooo humm.

Well there are plenty of white men that like black women - like me, I married an African lady. I don't often find white women attractive.