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to not be attracted to people from your race? Don't get me wrong. There are some very, very, very, verrry hot men from my country. There are sweet, down-to-Earth and very lovable guys here as well. I just don't feel attracted to them...I don't know why. I crave interracial relationships. I don't care what race he is, really...I don't even know why I am not attracted to men from my race...
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I've always had a thing for men that aren't first "boyfriend" in first grade was white. My parents sort of shunned interracial love interests... so maybe it was my way of being defiant? Both of my bothers date white women..Its not that i won't date a black man, I don't discriminate but I love men of every race and I can always find something hot about them. Its not a bad thing at all to crave a little variety in life. Besides, love has no color!


I'm glad I'm not the only person that feels this way, haha. Actually to be honest I have felt I have had no choice BUT to date inter-racially. I'm usually turned down by women of my own race and the ones I can muster a thin connection with usually fall through after not even a couple of phone conversations. It ends up coming down to the fact for me African American women aren't typically into the same interests I have that are usually found embraced by other cultures, I'm also usually given less of a hassle by women of other races and it's not uncommon for them to make their interest in me apparent before a fellow African American woman would. Sad but it's the world we live in.

same here...boys from my country barely ever like me :(

We are human with different accessories. Like everyone else you have you preference of accessories. : )

I think you just haven't been with the right people and what you rather have is wishful fantasies of living the secret dreams.. I felt the same way growing up. and I very rarely found ladies from my own race attractive after moving abroad. women from my country/race could never be so voluptuous as Latin women for example and they could never be so bold as white women or as naughty/dirty like black women but I learned my lesson the hard way that no matter how much I may be attracted to them, our relationships could never go past an online flirt or a few dates in reality. and I never saw any of those hoochie mamas adopt to my emotional needs. But you have to experience it yourself to understand it better. we come from different planets and in the end the girl that comes home to meet my parents will always be from my own race. they'll never comprehend it otherwise.
So, go on make an attempt to live up your carnal desires. and once you've exhausted forming any meaningful bond, revisit this story. Until then, it's all in your head. you haven't been in a serious relationship yet to know better. not until you're still living in your own home with parents of your own race.

I went to a boarding school and dated a black boy for 4 years :)

then what kept you from keeping him?

we moved away from each other. the distance...

ah the sucker .. aint it

yeeeeppp also my feelings for him were starting to fade...

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I'm attracted to men of your...wait, that's not gonna come out
Nah, but seriously, I think people like what they like, and although certain races mixing annoys me, I do realize that fact. I do believe that racism is a natural instinct designed to keep each race pure, but sometimes people are attracted to things different from themselves. "Opposites attract," and all that, lol! Hell, in this day and age, as long as you're still attracted to men, I can't complain, lol! xD

lmao :P what race mixing annoys you? inbox me :D

There is nothing wrong with not being attracted to men of your own race. Many people have no preference at all when it comes to race while many others do whether they are only attracted to people of their own race or not attracted to people of their own race at all. Like for example some white men are only attracted to black women while some black women are only attracted to white men, some white women are only attracted to black men while some black men are only attracted to white women and the same thing is applied to people of other races as well.

I'm a white man and I'm attracted to women of all races so I'm one of those people who has no preference when it comes to race and many people whether they are male or female, whether they are straight, gay or bi and so on are the same as me. No different then many people whether they are white, black, Asian and so on who are not attracted to people of their own race and no different then people who are only attracted to their own race. Ignore any people who may call these types of people racist and ignore the people who say they are traitors to their own race.

Obviously you will get a minority of people who are only attracted to people of other races based on stereotypes on that race which is actually an insult to people who are attracted to people of other races that has nothing to do with stereotypes.

I am not attracted to people because of stereotypes :P I just love the idea of being in an interracial relationship :)

I'm the same as well, I for one hate stereotypes about anything. I just ignore the people who do go for the stereotypes.

I have never had anyone want to date me for stereotypes but I do abhor them and I reckon I'd have the same reaction had I ever experienced this situation.