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Arab Men

This post is extremely racist, I admit, but I love Arab men :P
righteouschica righteouschica 18-21, F 16 Responses Nov 29, 2012

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be careful after using you for their wants they can kill you legally

I do too! Middle Eastern and S.E asian guys. Seen and know some pretty hot ones ;)

well.... i`m available XDD


Arabic is a language, Semitic is a race (if you but those divisions). Hug your brotther Jews!

I will, once I meet one in real life ;) btw, someone on here was right, even semitic ain't a race. In reality, we are Caucasians but we a separate race HAD to be created for us because Overly Manly White Men do not want to accept the fact that they belong to the same race as the dark skinned Indians they hate.

All depends on who and what you listen to. Besides, technically Caucasians come from the Caucus Mountains, Caucasoids is a racial distinction. But as an Overly Womanly Brown Woman you might not understand? What dark-skinned Indians? Dravidians? And now you're an Indian? Why don't you just drop the race stuff and start talking about the reality of what people do?

Actually, no Ernie. That's where the term might come from but scientifically, according to our skull structure Indians are also Arab. Also, I have both Arab and Indian ancestors. I am from Pakistan, remember? :) You assume that I hate all Jews even though I have never once in my entire life said anything against them. Why is that? Is it because I am a Muslim? Is it because I support Palestine?

I have many Jewish friends. I even have one on EP (his username is startingpointguard33)...and, for the record, he's never, ever, ever accused me of hating him or Jews. Kinda sad how you just assume stuff about me like that, eh? Especially since I am completely being racist and caring about silly things like this and you should know that about me by now ;)

Would need some kind of scientific reference re your anthropological claims. No, not sad, just recognizing your prejudices. Every bigot has a Jewish "friend", it's a historical staple. I will believe your objectivity on the day you admit that (among other things) that the only answer is that both Israel and Palestine should exist, that Palestinian supporters blowing up airplanes, tossing people in wheelchairs into the sea, etc, is wrong. Or, I might disagree with you, but when you emigrate from you safe home and go to the Middle East and put your life on the line.

I am in the Middle East right now, you can't just call me anti-Semitic because I criticize the government of Israel...that would mean, by your logic, that you are not only completely racist but also a big Islamophobe as I see you condemning a lot of governments on a daily basis. I never condoned those activities, Ernie. When did you hear me say "oh yea guys! keep killin people in the name of justice!" in fact, if you read my posts you will find out I promote the exact opposite. I do not believe in violence and I do not support of any kind. I am not supporting violence from either side as I believe it is 100% wrong and inexcusable...and ta da! here's evidence that Indians are Caucasians...This is all I've been taught in every single biology class I took. I've even read this in an encyclopedia once. Indians *are* Caucasian. White people just can't accept that fact because "teh whyt skinz is so0o0o0o superiyah! LULZzz!" also, the very existence of the continent of Europe is the biggest example of white people STILL thinking they are superior to all other races. ALL other continents are divided by a geographic barrier. What divides Europe and Asia...? :)

LOL But YOU are the one who started it as a race thing with your "White Male" comments. Or accept being a racial stereotype yourself

the white male comments were meant to make fun of those "teh whyt skinz is so0o0o0o superiyah! LULZzz!" kinda people I am tired of seeing on EP...but the point and the fact remains that I really don't care about a person's race, nationality or religion. I do not support Israel for moral reasons. However, does that mean I think Jews should not have their own homeland? Absolutely not. I think that if the Jews can peacefully share the land with Palestinians, everything will be ok. Of course I understand cooperation is necessary from both sides. The only reason I support Palestine, really, is because it is the underdog in this situation. As I've already said a million times before, I am tired of seeing people kill each other. I hate war.

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Arabic is a language not a race. The race is caucasian. And to Americans caucasian is not the same as Northern European.


i lov arabs too,.,.,.,dey are cool...they may have their own distinct ways n traditions..different from the world but it desnt make them bad or weird...n dey re also drop dead gud looking.

Good luck with that.
On average I've found them to be pigs, (I'm sure I just am meeting the bad ones) Also they supposedly do not treat women well. Good luck with Women's rights (a concept incompatible with some arab ideals. Supposedly under some muslim law a man can kill his wife for any reason. (I hope that's a myth)

I am a Muslim and that is false. It is definitely a myth.

very rude of u to call dem pigs...

haha I know right. tell me about it. that attitude is probably the very reason why he's "meeting the bad ones". if he approached me with this attitude, i'd ***** slap him.

maybe im just not smart enough to understand that but in my eyes it is not in any way racist to love arab men wouldnt it be racist only if you hated a certain race?

I think ab overly manly Arab men ki baari hai...;P
(pervy) ;)

I think you're a perv :p ;)



Its your mind and taste, there is no question of racist. I luv African girls

Nothing wrong with loveing Arab men date who you want

I like Omar Sharif. Not like that, though...Although, he's Egyptian, he plays an Arab a lot...Does that count?

he's actually Pakistani :P

Oh, well he was born in Egypt, lol!

oh yea :P

lol Omer Sharif..:P

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Hey it just occurred to me! Arab men could be overly manly men and note that I said "could be" lol but they are NOT white, how the hell do you like them! They are not OMWM!

it doesn't matter. as long as they are OVERLY MANLY and have a BEARD :D

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You are crazy but I totally agree on the beard thing, it is totally charming! But of course I am talking about nice light beards!


I like Asain men.

LOL tyrrrmack.

LOL Jet Li fan... he looks so tasty!

You know my beard is as good as any of them, and the best on EP. Can I be your EP Arab man? :)

yes :D

wait wait wait..!! i have the best beard over here...xD

No you don't

hell yeah i have..!!
Iam known for my beard.....its hard rugged and shinning jet black....
totally awesome..!!
i haven't seen yr tho.....if i found it better than mine then Iam the one who'll be admiring it with envy..:P

Mine is a full beard that reaches way below my chest, how long is yours?

look at my profile picture..:))

You're ugly. ;p

thats the worst pick up line uncle ;P

Awww but it don't mean I can't love yer ;)

wer going off topic...mine is short and cute and manly at the same time...:P
yrs might be long and fuzzy but mine has its own charm...;P

Mine is like a Muslim, just like Chica likes ;)

oh yea ;)

and I am a Muslim.....just like Chica prefers...;P

But your beard is like an ''Amish'' I think you must live in the Bible Belt.


Hell no..!! its not like Amish uncle...!
and i live in of Warm blooded animals...:P

I live in Australia country of hot blooded racists. o.O

thats why you are overcooked...;P
ok ok i respect seniors...your beard is the best sir...and im gunna break yr record when i grew old...:P

I am not Australian, I am being oppressed in Australia.
I also have respect for you.

aww :) now kiss.

Emm, lets not take it to far Chica, I like women ;)


abay hat..!!

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I guess everyone likes the people who are different from them! Maybe if you were Arab you wouldn't say I like Arab men, I am not saying that Arab women do not like them lol but it is always like this, we are attracted to the people who are harder to get, I mean harder to get in terms of difference etc.. that makes commitment more likely to be difficult so it makes one attracted.

I don't like them much, it is not like I hate them or something but I am not that attracted, I prefer other races! So, same story here lol!

lmao! :P I know what you mean. I heard Arabs hate us (brown people) though :P

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH As if we are white? No we don't, only racist Arabs do.

lmfao :P you know what I meant! I meant non-Arabs (ie. Indians and Pakistanis)

LOL! That's funny, I am honestly not trying to defend Arabs here, but I think what you are saying is not common, I have never seen any people around me discriminating against Pakistanis or so "because of colour" now yes there are Arabs who think they are above (Indians and Pakistanis) but colour isn't the reason, they are just cocky and think less of others and I will also add here, these kinds of people probably also think less of anyone who is not from their country even if they are Arab, so they are simply racist and self-centred but as for the colour thing I have never heard about that because as I said we are not white either, maybe lighter, but .. big deal? lol!
Ps. I know lots of Indians, Pakistanis and of course Arabs and we are all amazingly connected and there is no space for this hatred!

ahh yes I didn't mean because of color. I meant they look down on us because we're not Arab :P

Yeah there are some who think like this and say racist comments in Arabic, can't deny it! But pls don't generalise!

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