I Love Other Races, Not Sure That They Love Me

Sometimes I wonder why I have no problem when it comes to different races and sex, but I've never had a long term relationship with one. Closest I ever came was my first(maybe only) boyfriend who was white for less than a year and an East Indian guy I've known for years but we never were formal and I never met his folks or friends. Only recently he said he did love me afterall..but if so why was I hidden? It feels like most non-black men just want to "experience" a black woman, never date her or marry her because of stereotypes and negative hearsay. I mean I see mixed couples all the time, but I never seem to have any luck besides men who have a fetish or want to try "because its forbidden". I always feel I'm this close to giving up and strictly dating inside my race only because it seems like no one understands you but your own people...
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When one love for love's shake then the matter of race or religion doesn't come but only if the love dies do we find fault.Stay with love no matter what

I totally get what you're saying as a person who all ways dates other races i can feel that statement i wonder that as well....i strictly date foreign men no exceptions .i have found them to be the most honest and open when it comes to race and love.ever now and again my race will be a issue it just depends on the nationality but for the most part no problems personaly i would not bother in the states to poisoned with racism.....

Honey I'm white and I cant find anybody within or outside my race which is why I have made a decision to stay single and figure myself out so I can find the right guy

I think it has to do with the times were living in, not the quality of some of us. I wish you luck whatever you decide to do.

I'm sorry you have experiences this, the right man for you is out there somewhere and I'm sure you will find him or he will find you. I am a white man and I'm the type of person who has no preference when it comes to race. I don't care if I end up with a white woman, a black woman, an asian woman, a biracial woman, a mixed race woman and so on cause all I want is a nice woman regardless of her race.

Nice Dalek. Anyway, I'm sure he'll find me too, but these days and times have made the dating pool a bit shallow..literally.

I am sure your a awesome lady, with a great personality, and a big romantic heart, and will be loved for who you are, a emotional and physical connection with you would be a pleasure, your age, race, religion, or political view points ,should never be a factor in a relationship, as long as your are open ,honest, non judgmental , and able to communicate without prejudice

Everyone has their own destiny as well as their ability to make their own choices. Sure there absolutely are people who have their own type of bucket list, perse...To each their own, of course. Everyone also has their own ideal as to whom they be attracted to. Unfortunately some people do fall into the description that you have mentioned. These circumstances tend to possibly taint one's perceptions. If only everyone could be honest an sincere when showing interest in 'dating' someone....If only!

I'm sure there's someone outthere who will have a genuine interest in me without fetishsizing it or treating what we have as a passing curiosity.

Oh absolutely.

There definitely still are some very good people out there. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes alot of window shopping as well as 'interviews' to discover the proper candidate!

All the best to you, Ms. wecanbeheroes!

Well, I'm just having fun, coasting and getting my life together in meantime; if he shows up, that's great. If not, that's also great. Thanks for the wishes.

Wonderful attitude and great plan.

Best wishes!

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Hi I am married to Asian lady
No complaints loving ,surportive,make great mum.
I always loved Asian girls met lots of Asian friends .
Live your dreams it's your life !
Thats life


I'm married to a Middle Eastern woman and wouldn't trade it for anything ... Plus interracial couples tend to make really beautiful children

I'm happy you found your happiness. Just doesnt seem like anything is working out for me -_-

Thanks ... I'm sure you'll find yours one day

Middle Eastern folks are very attractive folks, she probably a stunner, his wife.

She is indeed ... I did well if I may say so

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I had a relationship with a black woman it was the most wonderful time of my life.
The sex was wonderful but the companionship was the best life kept us apart if not I would be with her today

Sad to hear it didnt last..

I beg to differ! It's always been the black guys that don't understand me and don't like me, while men of other races are far more sweet and caring. just hang in there and don't look for him. He will definitely come to you and when he does you will love it!

Well it seems like all I attract are black men, maybe thats telling me something. Any relationships outside my race always go down the toilet for one stupid reason or another. I think its probably the area I live or the way I look, but I never seem to be able to find anyone outside my race successfully. Ever.

I'm hanging in there, just gets more discouraging the older I get