It's Kind Of A Funny Story...

I know every little girl has a dream guy, their prince Charming, which goes hand and hand with the ideas of becoming a princess, or receiving a pony. For me it was always a guy with red hair and light eyes. I grew up in an area in which my family was one of the only minorities in the whole area, and I remember always being the girl who's best friend tended to be the highly attracting person of the oppposite sex. Since minority boys, and esp black boys were rare in my class room if not completely non existent, my best friends were white males. When it came to nap time I always slept next to these guys as we smiled and made gestures at each other quietly in the dark instead of 'actually napping'. While I'll date and have a relationship with anyone who can show me admiration andI can relate to in general, I really am attracted to white males, and now that I'm no longer jailbait Im head over heels for older men, and for the 1st time this summer when , i took the 'nap time step a little further' and I lost my virginity it was too an older white male friend. I would love to start a legit relationship one day just to see how things go, not asking for a marriage proposal or anything, but something a step-up from sex and heavy patting, maybe a guy can actually take me out ((which sadly I haven't had yet in my life), and instead of being the best friend (in the friend zone) with a guy where there is a mutual attraction, it'd be nice to be on his arm.
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would it make any difference if he was older then you ??

A few people on EP have thought that I was black, but I'm white. I have a ruddy complexion and tan easily. My avatar picture was taken last August. Now if only I was about 30 or 40 years younger..I do like young women.Oh well, I have a young mind trapped in an old(er) body, We could have an interracial father daughter relationship...that would be nice, too :)

You should treat my advice like any others... it's worth what you paid for it. But, what I say is, you don't need an 'interracial' relationship... you just need a relationship.
Good luck. Come here to chat.
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I agree

you are an angle in a mortals body. would be honored to have you by my side!