I just want a tall and strong russian.
Mdear Mdear
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Yes! I agree! But I hear most Europeans are racist and tend to stick to their ethnic groups and me, being Latina, don't have much of a chance. Sigh.

I too love Russians however I've been told that they're not really into black women. :(

More and more people are telling me that. I had no idea!

not to discourage you but most russians are racist :( i didn't even know until 1 week ago when i searched for most racist country in europe.
but not all of them are racist hope you will find one that will love and respect you.

Huh. I was sort of joking, but I'd never heard of racist Russians. I thought they were pretty liberal about relationships.

ikrr i didnt either but they beat up black in russia saddd :(