I Love White Men

I dont know why but I have never pictured myself with a black guy. I mean I find some black guys to be incredibly sexy but I just cant picture myself dating any of them.my friends all like and have dated black guys except me.one of my friends always asks me why but I dont really knoe how to answer her.i guess I just dont like how some (not all) black guys act.and everytime I picture myself in the future I picture myself with a white male with green eyes.did I mention I have fetish for guys with green eyes lol.i find guys of all diffrent races and nationalities to be beautiful but I always come back to white guys
gurrrlplease gurrrlplease
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I would love to talk with you about it

I know the feeling when I dream it alway an white men I'm with never blk. White men are just so sexy to me

mee too i just can't see myself with a black guy,is not that am bieng racist like some friens say but i just lik guys from other race,,,i like guys from uk or australia or spainn,,oeff the accent is just to sexyy :)

italians too ,,i heard they really like black women or greece. that olive skin and that light eyes with dark long hairrrrr omgggggggg :)