I Love White Girls

this is something that goes deeper than the surface. ever t since seventh grade ive loved white girls. for some reason beyond everyday assumptions. the way they smile and the way they walk and even the way they laugh as if they had not a care in the world. the way they are so nice sometimes yet so mean at others. the way the sunlight hits their radiant colorful eyes, the way their hair feels in my fingers. the way they make you feel welcome in the strangest of places. the way they make you feel like youre understood. theyre easygoing but at the same time reserved. they talk crap about each other but all girls do that anyways. theyre not perfect in amy way. but they can make my day. or sometimes ruin it. and i guess im being narrow minded. i guess there are girls that are thinking omg im all of these things and im not white im this and that and blah blah blah... but this is just the way i see things through my reality and im simply expressing myself. maybe someday ill realize exactly why im so partial. the thought of vanilla latte colored skin against my cinnamon/chocolate colored skin is not only sensual but an emotional thing. i cant explain it. all ive ever wanted was to just embrace for several moments a girl of european ancestry. im not trying to sound like shakespeare :( i really just want to be best friends with a white girl for some darn reason. i mean i like girls off all nationality and color but theres just something about white girls... ok ill just stop here lol
dudeudontknow dudeudontknow
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012