I Want To Meet A Beautiful, Mature, Curvy, Fit, Intelligent, Romantic Black Woman

I am going to be single again in about 3 months. I have been in a marriage with the same woman for 40 years!! I guess you could safely say I am a one-woman man. And I am fine and happy with that. I don't need to be with a different woman all of the time to keep the excitement at a peak. When I am in love with that Special Woman, I am creative enough to keep the passion and fire alive without needing to look elsewhere.
I am ending a marriage to a very beautiful white woman after a lifetime together. We are still friends, so there will be no hatred or childish games. She lost her libido about 10 years ago and as much as we have tried and tried and tried to save our marriage, we just could not save a sexless marriage. I have always had a very high sex drive, so it has been tough going for quite a few years. I don't blame her. She is a good person, but she just had some terrible issues sexually that she could not overcome. We never were sexually compatible, but we found a way to stay together because we were in love. Then, things got progressively worse, and there was no sexual desire on her part. I feel bad for her. She feels guilty and feels like she ruined the marriage. I don't blame her. Things happen for a reason. We all have our personal challenges and pain that we have to deal with. It's part of being human. We all have to find a way to move forward.
Now I am going to be single again. This time I am going to follow my heart and find my Soulmate. Ever since I can remember I have found black women to be gorgeous, sexy, and beautiful. It's strange because I grew up in a small midwestern town (back in the 60's) where NO black people lived. It was a small segregated town with ONLY white people in it. But as a teenager, I remember just being enamored and in awe of the black girls from other schools we played against. I played sports in high school and we would go play other schools in metro areas. I would see a cute little black cheerleader and my heart would melt. I still vividly remember those feelings of incredible attraction to those gorgeous little black girls when I was in high school. I was mesmerized by their beauty. I have no idea, or any explanation as to why I was so in love with black girls, but I was. I WAS CRAZY IN LOVE WITH ALMOST ALL OF THE BLACK SINGERS AND ACTRESSES WHO WERE POPULAR AT THAT TIME. I had some memorable crushes many of the black singers back then.
I stopped asking myself why I felt so passionate about black women years ago. i just accepted it as Who I was. It was just part of my being.
I met my wife and we were engaged to be married before I went away to college. So, I never met a black girl until I was in college (hard to believe, I know). It was then that I had my first close friendships/relationships with young black women. That special attraction and chemistry was still there on my part and it must have been obvious to them because my strong affection was returned by my friends. We never acted on this very strong (but never mentioned) mutual attraction. Probably for a number of reasons. I was in love with my wife (she was beautiful and adorable to me) and I did not cheat; it was a time when black women and white men NEVER were together as a couple. Black men and white women were getting together, but not the other way around; and my black female friends were just highly honorable young women. They had too much respect for me, my wife, and my engaged relationship to ever cross that line. In retrospect, now I wish they would have !!! They were just too moral and nice. So I never was able to follow my heart and find my True Soulmate. I was happily married to my wife for many years, but something was always missing. Like I said we never were compatible from an intimacy standpoint.
Now I am going to be free and I am going to follow my HEART and find my True Soulmate. I am certain she will be a mature, gorgeous, adorable black woman. I am sure I will LOVE her forever and adore her for the incredible woman she is. I am positive and totally confident that I will be the man who will make her happy the rest of her life and make her in love with herself. I can hardly wait to meet her. I am so excited just to do simple, romantic things with her, like romantic candle-lit dinners; walking hand-in-hand on the beach, laughing out loud; holding her on my lap and telling her how blessed I am to have her; staring at the beautiful night sky together' talking intimately to each other about all of our dreams, goals, desires, fears, insecurities, etc,. all night long; looking into each others eyes so long and so deeply that we just feel the overwhelming love we have, and kissing so passionately that we lose track of time and space.
So, I am ready to claim my destiny. I am ready to follow my Heart. I am ready to Meet That Gorgeous, Special, Loving, Gentle, Black Woman of My Dreams ad My Passion.
If you are HER, or you know HER, please contact me and help me live my dream. I am ready for my adorable, fit, curvy, dream girl.
soulmate2u soulmate2u
61-65, M
Dec 3, 2012