I Want To Fall Madly And Deeply In Love With A Woman Of Another Race

I am a 26yr old Black Female who is feminine although I do wear quite a lot of jeans. I've always wanted to date a woman who is either exotic or white. She must have a bright spirit. She's got to be abnormal in the most exciting and endearing way, she'll know who I'm talking to because she's always felt different and special her whole life. She'll be classy and intelligent but she'll be cool enough to not sweat being outdoors in nature or camping. Most of all shes got to love me and be willing to take the time to get to know me and appreciate me. Shes got to be loyal and adventurous. She's got to be willing to look into my eyes and know in an instant the first time we meet weather or not shes willing to commit herself entirely and exclusively to me.Shes got to love to be cuddled and caressed. Shes got to be willing to divulge her deepest secrets to me. Shes got to want to be positive and uplifting but also realistic and adaptable. Shes got to be willing to do anything for me and shes got to be confident most of all. Shes got to be healthy in mind body and soul. She's got to be open to different forms of life expression.Shes got to be willing to share her time with me and her mind.
BrainyAquarian BrainyAquarian
26-30, F
Dec 6, 2012