I Absolutely Love White Women!!

I am black male, 5'10" tall brown skinned, about 185lbs and nicely groomed with a very neat appearance. I absolutely lust after and love white women, I love the smell of them the way their hair flows in the wind the way they are so physically active and health conscious and most of all their beautiful white skin!! Please do not let me see a sexy white female in some shorts or a short skirt I actually may start to drool. The things that run through my mind that I am willing to do to just please her sexually is pure lust! I am a blackman **** for white women, and proud of it!!
bbcforwhiwomen bbcforwhiwomen
36-40, M
3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Yup ur un says it all, lol good luck

Thanks, I think this is a good start


Good luck in finding you one :-)