White Guys Are Hot

I am a black woman, and I am attracted to white guys. There's only one problem they are not attracted to me. I work at a restaurant and white guys come in and flirt with me all the time but it never go pass a little innocent flirting. I thought about dating within my own race, but I cannot help what I like. I've had friends tell me that maybe it's because I'm not a "Barbie type" ( a tall, thin, light skin woman with long hair) I am the complete opposite. I am short, thick, and dark skin with natural kinky hair. I refuse to believe that is the reason. I will not give up. I will wait until my white chocolate comes along lol :-)
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you have to let them know that you are interested....white men are funny about this sort of thing...you pretty much have to spell it out for us...

Lol I'm not interested in anyone yet but will keep that in mind. May I ask why white guys are funny about things like that?

my wife a little (5.2), sportsman body shape (thick enough) dark skin girl. i love her more than anything in the world. our baby boy 3 months old and we are trying for another one already ;-)
don't be shy, be proactive. if you like something, go and take it. good luck!

don't give up, it takes all types and there are guys that you find attractive that will likewise love your traits as well. When I was in college there was a black girl in group that really had the hots for me, and I thought she was hot and funny, but she was super-Christian and I had a huge hang-up about dating super-religious girls due to a previous gf and my generally non-aligned beliefs. She wasn't a barbie-doll, she was dark-dark skinned, but I could have cared less. There are white guys who could care less about race :)

I won't give up. I know some white guys don't care about race but most do in southeast GA. Maybe I need to move lol

There are a lot of white men that just don't find white women attractive. My brother is one of them, and he treats his beautiful dark skinned though wife like the queen she is! You will find him, if he doesn't find you first

Yeah, I know but that's not the case in southeast Georgia. If u see an interracial couple here, it's a white woman with a black man. It's hardly the other way around. But I won't give up. I hope he does find me first.

Well, that's the problem. In Georgia, you are probably scaring off them good old boys with your black beauty! They think all the black women want those ghetto messes from hotlanta! Giggles

Lol u are probably right but I can't turn all this black beauty off!

Oh, perish the thought :)

Lol ok :-)

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You don't need to worry, you just haven't found the right man yet. I am a white guy, and I can tell you that black girls are a HUGE turn on for me. Short, thick & dark sounds like just the type of black girl I want to be with. I know that I will one day find the right Black girl to have some fun with, and I'm sure you will find the right white guy as well.
Good luck & remember that you ARE beautiful........

Thanks! That's exactly right....I haven't found the right man yet. I hope you find what u r looking for too.

my dearest dee dee! have patience ! i kind of know were your coming from! ive been on your side of the fence kind off! im a white guy ! thats dated a black woman!but back then i didnt know that im bisexual! know knowing what ive learned is that what you like is vary important! so dont lose faith your white knight is out thier 4 you

I am being patient. I know I will get my White Knight lol

Don't give up! As a white guy married to a black woman, from my perspective, the men that like the black women like them in a physical sense because they aren't usually the barbie doll type - instead the more voluptuous curves appeal. Perhaps these guys are just a little bit shy, or have been knocked back rudely or embarrassingly by black women before?

Wow thanks for sharing that. It's nice to see your perspective. Maybe I got it all wrong. But I will not give up.

thank you for finding us HOT, but it has nothing to do with color. Men come from Mars and women from Venus (look for the book and read it)

You are welcome! Since I love to read, I will definitely look for that book and read it.

That is not the reason, I am Caucasian.

First forget the color stuff, ain't nothing to do with it. Men are men, ever ask yourself ...maybe they are too shy to ask you!!!... just be yourself...beside you don't want the guys that are attracted by bombshell. a lot of guys are more attracted to darker skin women...you probably are speaking to one or two that are very shy, for whatever reason. Just connect with his eyes and be yourself, be interested in Him and ask God to give you a good person. Never give up!

Thanks for the advice! I haven't thought about shyness being a reason. That could be it. I will definitely not give up.

You black chicks are hot!!!!

Thanks! :-)

Don't just sit on the bleachers, when you see a good looking white guy, open up, be friendly, be interested in HIM. He may get the message quicker that you might think. They are out there, it may take some time. We do acutally exist, but for me, the amount of times I got pushed away by a black woman, I have simply given up.

I do open up and be friendly but maybe I just haven't given it enough time. Like u said it may take some time. And I am sorry u were pushed away. I'm not gonna give up and u shouldn't either.

Never give up, young lady. You are probably just not noticing all of the white fellas who secretly admire you.

All the best to you!

Yeah, u are probably right. Maybe I should pay attention more. I don't plan on giving up.

Absolutely. Keep your eyes open. U are probably getting admired in a subtle manner. These fellas are possibly scared to approach you yet their attraction is still there. If you notice them looking at you walk up and say hello. An easy yet effective ice breaker. Then he will see that you are open to talk to him.

Take care.

Yeah, I hope that is the case. My eyes are definitely open. I will take ur advice and see where it goes. Thanks!

Cute story! I hope you find what you're looking for soon.

Thanks! I hope so too.

That's what's up :-) That is definitely the first time I've heard (well read) that a white guy does not care for the Barbie type.

True! Thanks for making me smile:-)