Does a mohawk count as teasing your hair? Is it cruel and unusual
punishment to clip your nails? And so we fiddle while Rome burns...
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3 Responses Oct 2, 2013

A mohawk? No, but it's a pretty cool look on some women.

I never did anything detrimental to my hair- never fried, dyed, bleached or otherwise tortured it and yet it's been going away for nearly three years. It reached a point where I couldn't concealed its loss so I had what was left buzzed off and now wear a wig in places where I might feel uncomfortable going without it like redneck joints or sports bars. Night clubs with a more diverse clientele are more amenable to the more extreme women's styles.

We're pretty violent. We shave our legs, bite our tongues, slap our foreheads, and pick someone's brains.

And hypocritical as well, we condone our version of
what's right while condemning everyone else's. It's
tough being a human, lol! Do you think we'll evolve to
something better, or will we just drive ourselves to
extinction? ( :

without a major disaster wiping us out we won't become extinct lol