Lions Love It.

Teasing hair reminds me of the 80's when I had that lion's mane hair style that I teased up higher and higher. It is a miracle I could stand upright under ceiling fans some days.  Oh well I don't tease my hair these days, because as the group title states "it is cruel."

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What teased style did you like. I loved the big pleat at the back with barrel curls on top so sexy.

We would all take turns doing one another's hair but usually I would do it myself each morning.

My girl friend when I was a student had her hair in a big high teased beehive style. I found that very sexy and have always loved big teased hair since. She had a couple of girl friends who teased her hair high which I found all very sexy. <br />
Did you tease your own hair or have some friend to do it for you, how did you style all your teases hair.<br />
I would appreciate your story on this .

Hairspray was awesome back in the day before we cared about ozone la<x>yers!

I love the title of this's a serious lol. I loved hairspray & hot rollers, but I was all thumbs when it came to teasing. lol


LOL oh I will give them a shock if they do.

It looks cute kind of like Pippy Longstockings. LOL


I have it in two pigtails today.

Sometimes but that would be the my dog's hair.

Ok cool! thanks for the invite. Don't work too hard.

Here's a bag of marshmallows...roast some for me...gotta go to work now....bye<br />
hey do you guys wanna go on a roadtrip. Check out PeedeeDog's road trip story...Join us...the more the merrier.

MMMM ok come on over.

I'm in for the roasting of old pics and marshmallows.

LOL anyone want to roast some marshmallows?

Bonfires for all of us.

LOL my mom still has some of mine as you walk up the stairs from the foyer. OMG I will never take my guy through the front door bc I do NOT want to explain those pictures. I have begged her to take them down but she says they are history. Silver would have so much fun if he got a hold of one of those.

And we all thought we looked cool. I hope my photos from then are destroyed.

yeah... loads...

Sounds interesting.

Mine does that no matter what i do so i cut it short enough that it has no say over what it does. Do wish i had different hair... or to learn how to control it.

You backcomb your hair to make it have more body and it makes it stand away from your scalp. It is not a pretty thing.

I do not understand what that means to do.