I Actually Did

I was vacation in La Camague with my (now ex) wife, and we were taking a walk to find the flamingos which nest there. We made our way to the beach, and started to walk back to the public beach, about a half mile away. In the distance we saw a man walking toward us, and what appeared to be a speedo was actually nothing at all. We looked at one another, and realized why there was a rock wall between the public beach and the beach we were currently on.

We figured, "Hey, we are in France, we don't know anyone else, Why not?" So we both dropped our clothing, and spent a very leisurely and enjoyable afternoon on beach.

It was totally worth the sunburn we both got.
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The first time we walked on a nude beach, I got a big hardon. What could i do but keep walking. a women walking the other way saw it, and said to my wife that I had a problem, and if she didn't want to take care of it she would be more than happy to. My wife calmly said to her, maybe we can meet to night, because it will take two women to cool him down. It sure took the wind out of her sail.

Go back and try Cap D'Agde next time<br />
Its 2 hrs drive from the Carmargue