A good friend doesn't just bail you out of jail they are sitting right there with you...

just the way it should be ya know.

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ah Twilight release weekend and all my teens very into it so thought i'd join the fun...

I love your new AV pic BTW. So deviously delicious!

I've got your back darlin'... *giggles* you can always trust me! BRUHAHAHAH *cough/hack* haha

Well it just so happens I'm in the middle of a top secret caper in stealing some experience groups from BlueGa. He has so many and people are starting to get suspicious. Can you help? Be an under cover operative?<br />
You're the only one I can trust.

i could so use a night of trouble darlin'... where shall we begin?

I miss my best friend from youth, she sadly died young from diabetes... Though I love my new friends nearly as much... no as much.. no MORE... <br />
<br />
We would indeed tear up any town - Tasmanian Tornadoes!

I can see us getting into LOTS of trouble together... the best kind!<br />
<br />
My best friend and I have known one another since we were about 12/13 and we may not always agree on things but we've always stood up for one another. Just the way it works.

I like this. I will be your partner in crime MSP.