Black Friday/ Red Bottom

Ok. So I deserved it. I was given a very strict budget for Black Friday shopping and when the money was spent, I did as told and came home. I took a nap and when I woke up it was stil very early and there were so many stores and so many deals that I still thought I might have a chance to get. It was all too much for me to take and I went shopping again and every dime I spent this time out was over budget and out of savings which is a BIG no no no! I do not handle finances because I am so bad at it and honestly it is just so much easier to let my husband handle it all and let me know what I can and cannot do. Well he came home from work and asked if my shopping was a success and I replied, yes. He asked if I had any money left over and I replied, no. We went on with our evening and I made dinner and after I cleaned the kitchen I went to take my nightly bath as always. When I got out of the shower and walked into our bedroom, he was sitting on the bed waiting for me. This was not good.
He told me that he was offended that I apparantly thought he was stupid and wouldn't find out I overspent and to top it all off, he gave me the whole day to fess up and I chose not to. This is when my husband undid his belt and pulled it from the loops of his pants. He doubled the belt as he knows I hate that and instructed me to lay across the bed, pillows under hips and to get comfortable because this was going to take some time. He always spanks with a belt, sometimes the hand but even that will finish with the belt, so I was used to it so I figured it would hurt but what I didn't know was that he apparantly was holding back because with the first whack I knew suddenly that I didn't know what I got myself into. He continued to bring the belt down on my backside over and over and over and I lost track of how many smacks and how much time had passed. He then told me to kneel before him and beg for forgiveness, which I humbly and sincerely did. I knew I was wrong and I know how hard he works to balance the budget and make sure I have some money for special things and instead of appreciating it I took him for granted. I am thankful for his guidance and discipline. I am going to be much more cautious with spending habits from now on.
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I hav just been told that "You need a good spanking and it is way past due" my reply.."Listen YO!<br />
Dog!!!! nobuddy has the nerve or the intellect or the energy to try and do that to me." "Besides, I would just brush up long side of ya and you would "fo get bout it"....Don't know how long I can keep from being spanked<br />
so....I referred him to Naught but Nice web site...he will be busy in there for a for me<br />
hummmm there is gonna be some guy somewhere who....will....and if it EVER happens I think I will just melt.....

Ouch! I am also spanked with the belt and I know how much it hurts. The sting lasts for days. But it is also a great reminder of how we should behave and who's the boss.

I get hit hard with it so it leaves me with welts that last a few days. It always hurts so sit down until they have completely healed.

Yes I got spanked and sent to the corner. Most of my friends know about this and are supportive even if they do find it amusing to tattle on me.

Yes I got spanked and sent to the corner. Most of my friends know about this and are supportive even if they do find it amusing to tattle on me.

Robbo: Just happy I have a loving and stern husband to handle these financial issues for me and correct me because without his guidelines I would be destitute.<br />
Domestic: Did you also get spanked? If so, does your friend know that by being in trouble it means submission through discipline and if so is she supportive. I have no friends that know of our lifestyle and so I find that intriguing actually.

The same thing happened to me!! Only it was my so-called friend's fault!! She and I had gone out shopping and yes I did overspend a bit (but I got such good deals!!!) she knew I had a budget and she knew I would get in trouble but she told on me the second we walked in the door and saw my husband!!

Oh dear, that sounds painful. I get spanked for shopping too so you are not alone, why do we never learn??