What's Better?

So you are about to have the mother of all arguments, respect has gone out of the window, you've gone beyond that point of reason you can now do one of two things:

Option one, either let the argument reach it's peak, in which case, often, nothing gets resolved, you are arguing just because you can and because you had a hard day and you feel stressed.

You just end up screaming and yelling hurtful stuff at one another and then drowning in a well of negative feelings until some how, you manage to reach an understanding that the whole reason you were arguing was pointless, you just needed a release and to hell with hurting one another in the process.

Option two is you recognise that you have a tendency to take stresses out on your partner so you agreed to let him put you over his knee before it gets to the screaming and yelling part. He can either nip it in the bud by giving you a warning; it stops now or you get your arse reddened later, or he can just go ahead and spank you quickly and firmly to discharge that stress before it does any more damage.

A spanking like that one stops an argument in it's tracks. it instantly makes you see straight and you feel better almost immediately. I hate all the resentment and upset when you argue for no reason. I know which I prefer, a spanking, every time.
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i agree! (:

I always feel better, more calm and more focused after a good spanking. We usually talk about the spankings and how much they help me on the weekend mornings as we sit in the hot tub having our coffee.. I believe they help in all aspects of our lives.

Yep, it's very calming when it's over!

I can't relate more. I hate when I'm there, but it's always better in the end. For both of us. Nice story!

if you asked me in the middle of a spanking I would probably give a different answer.

Lol I think we all would. ;-)

Ah, been there done that. Inspiring and refreshing for me Roberta

Nice to hear from you again Wes, how are you both?

You pulling down your husband pants and put him over your lap

I have spanked my husband too but he doesn't get as much out of it as I do so it just me that gets the spankings in our house :o)

If I was your husband I would have you spank me 2 to 3 time a week that build the feeling of love you have for him and you get your spanking to 2 to 3 time a week or you can a spanking match to see who behine is a bright red. If I was your husband and what I do to you I like the same things done back to me.

A seismic paradigm shift in marriage occurred about half a century ago. Prior to that time, a husband privately spanking his wife was generally considered preferable to divorce. After that time, a husband divorcing her husband was considered better than having her husband spank her to preserve their marriage. <br />
The results of this change in priorities has been disastrous for children as well as their parents. The social instability cannot long endure the internal stresses.

Thankyou :o)

Actually I think the method is beginning to catch on, benaroundtheblock.

Each to their own and if spanking works for you then go for it.<br />
I on the other hand would walk out the door and not return if my husband ever laid a hand on me. I would feel like a child and humiliated. Different strokes for different folks. I am a Christian and he is the head of the home but he himself would never hit me.

I've never felt like a child or humiliated because I instigated DD and I know I've benefited from the spanking in lots of ways.

Sure u have. Keep telling yourself that as ur husband abuses u everyday.

it's not abuse

I am all in favour in the short sharp shock approach as the matter is ended there and then and respect trust and love remain in place but............do you learn from your mistakes? When it comes to next do you think ....... hang on, last time this happened my bottom suffered or do you just go down the same route?<br />
<br />
If it's the latter, was the punishment sufficient? <br />
<br />
I know we are all human and when it comes to behaviour there are going to be times when we are going to step outside what is acceptable but do we just carry on being punished or do we get punished harder next time?

I never learn, history seems always to repeat it's self, but the point of domestic discipline for me is not so much that he instills so much fear that I dare not put a step wrong but more so that it just keeps the respect at the forefront of what's important. My Husband can now just give me a look or a quiet warning and I know that it will be a spanking if I carry on. Most of the time, I stop so I'd say it is working. I see so many wives speak so disrespectfully to their Husbands and they are intelligent hard working men who do everything they can for the good of their wives and family. I don't want to be like them and I worry I would take the micheal out of my Husband if he wasn't able to rein me in with the threat of a spanking like he does.

Thats a very healthy approach. Respect and love within the DD relationship are paramount as it was with me and my wife. We continually revisited our aims under the relationship to ensure that where a punishment had been given that it was of sufficient severity to ensure that what led to it would be unlikely to occur again in the future. There were always occasions when either of us, accidently overstepped the mark again, but generally the punishment was made to fit the crime. Like you and your husband in most cases a 'look' was sufficient but every now and again a repeat spanking or caning was considered necessary but it didn't happen that often. lol

You just sound like an idiot...ha. I love my husband and it's not out of fear.

I fail to understand why I'm the idiot ! and 'fear' doesn't enter into it.............it's respect, trust, love and understanding that thesev types of relationships are based on.

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Have to disappoint you! Still no spankings here! But saying this, I have learnt your lesson anyway! No point in arguing, when you are upset, in a rage, or not able to hold your horses! I just 'zip' my mouth and avoid any confrontation until I have calmed down, even better until the next day, when I have slept over the point that's in discussion. And my God: the effect is mind blowing! We have the best relationship ever, since I have learnt to address topics at the right time in the right tone, when my husband is in the right mood! Why did I waste years to come to this conclusion? I am quite a bit older than you, I am sure, but the time you reach the big 5 Zero, you won't need much of a spanking anymore to discipline you... (unless you provoke it for other reasons...) lol!

I don't know, I am naturally quite fiesty, very stubborn and I have a huge mouth when I get going. I do try my absolute best to be respectful and before I was spanked, I did manage it although with much mental struggle. For me I think the fear versus theraputic release of spanking is beneficial for me and it does help me to keep myself in check. Maybe there will be a day when we feel I don't need it so much and I will look forward to just partaking in play spanking but until then, I'm happy just as we are :o)

Of course, I'm not saying, that I'm against spanking, if you agree to it. Everybody to their own devices! Each relationship has to find out what works best! Happiness is the aim!

I always wonder what's the reason we married if we are just going to fight with our men in a bid to prove who's right, either you trust his guidance - if you married a decent man -and submit to live a harmonious life together or what's the point in being married? I have a lot more respect for my Husband because I know he will spank me if I step out of line :o)

Not to mention that a relationship angled that way sure zests things up in the bedroom - a boon when you've been married a couple of decades