I Want To Be Spanked. . .

For some reason I've always loved being spanked. I was spanked while growing up, mostly with the belt by my mom and dad. One of my mom's boyfriends even spanked me a couple of times over my thin pants. But the bulk of my spankings ended around the age of 12, but my desire to be spanked has never gone away.

Now I'm married, and more than anything I'd like my husband to spank me whenever I get out of line. Not only when we're going to have sex, but whenever I act up. I've told him I want to be spanked, and he has tried a couple of times during intimate moments, but it felt too fake, and I think maybe he misinterpreted what I want.

I want real spankings. I want him to turn me over his knee and pull my pants and panties down and spank my bare bottom hard, no mercy. I want the signals or little threats on the way home that I'm going to get a spanking if I somehow made him mad when we were out, and I want them carried out when we get home. I want them anywhere...no matter what room of the house, on the couch, on a chair, bending over a bed, everything. He could even use a paddle and a belt if he wanted to.

The thing is, how do I talk to him and communicate this to him? I'm afraid to because I'm afraid of what he'll think of me. At the same time, it's torture to think of going the rest of my life without spankings, lol. Is there a way to talk to him and ease him into the kind of spankings I want? How do I describe to him the emphasis to put into his spankings?
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I think most men would want this, their wife submitting fully and giving them the clear acceptance of punishment anytime they offend to handle the issue without frustration or misery. I think it's one of the best ways to handle a situation where a woman lets her mouth cause problems.

Your situation is more common than you might think.After 2 generations of training our young men to be "gentlemen", it is becoming difficult to find a man who will take the responsibility to discipline his wife or girl-friend, even if she asks him to do so.You might ask him to check oUT a Domestic Discipline site like Taken In Hand ND encourage him to evaluate the opinions/postings of the many others who have discovered how useful, natural and satisfying this re-discovered lifestyle can be.I am Adding you to my Circle...keep me posted as to how things go for the two of you. S.Y.B.N.

just tell him straight any red bloodied male would jump at the chance if still no luck i would be very willing to help you out