I used to ma$tur bate a lot more. But start to feel guilty it was taking away some of my energy. So I decided to try cha$tity. I love as well the restriction and have gained better control. For sure not easy to unlock the lock when the key is stuck in a frozen bucket of water....my wife has the other key on around her neck and she loves to play with it while seating at a cafe or in the bus...
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my KEYHOLDER keeps both keys!!

Key obviously means all keys.

Probably more important is that your keyholder is the only one who makes a decision on when, or even if ever, the device will be removed.

i want to be in chastity

I'm not sure that a woman wearing the key like this is a very good idea as it could easily be grabbed in an moment of sheer frustration.

I don't think you can get anything away from a woman unless she wants you to

When she's asleep?

A twist on this would be for her to wear a similar key. This would ensure full security and if were grabbed she would know and no doubt suitable punishment would follow.


Always looking for women wearing a key wow to see her playing with it would make a tight cage

Great to find people alike... But too bad EP is discouraging matured content... Really put me off