Just wore in front of my parents today for the first time. It wasn't really shocking to them, but they just ignored it like I was wearing regular underwear. Makes me love them even more than before. I can't imagine what they are thinking, but they care enough about how I feel to not voice it if it's bad or to just not care enough to form one.
I even had an intellectual argument with my dad in nothing but I diaper and a polo. I looked like a bigger version of one of those toddlers in the photo frames when you just buy them and he just kept talking to me like it wasn't even a little bit funny and I knew it was.
Just goes to show that you don't have to hide who you are from those that truly care about you. I hope this acts as an inspiration to some of you who are on the fence about telling someone you care about. If they don't accept you, then they weren't really worth caring about in the first place.
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Do you wear plastic baby panties in front of them?