Being Wanted By Men

i am a pilot and flew to a breakfast fly in last week in up state Pa. i was wearing a very low cut red sweater and short black skirt. as i was getting out of my plane after landing there was a plane next to me with 2 older men just getting out of there plane when they saw my long legs coming out of the plane and were over to help me so fast. i was backing down off of the wing and a gust of wind lifted up the back of my skirt putting my yellow lace covered *** right in there faces. they helped me down and had the biggest grins you could ever want on there faces. they asked if i was there for the breakfast and i said yes. and with that they said could we escort you to breakfast. sure i said and with one on each arm we walked to the hanger for breakfast. they said i was the first female they had ever seen fly in in a skirt and they loved the way i was dressed. as we walked into the hanger every eye was on us as they were showing me off to all there friends. they even paid for my breakfast. we talked for over an hour and they kept going back to my yellow lace panties and how pretty they were. when they walked me back to my plane i asked if they would like to see them again and they jumped at that chance. no one could see us behind my plane and then i lifted up the front of my skirt and they almost lost it. i gave them a good long look before getting into my plane to leave. all and all a great morning of being a female and have 2 very nice men making over me.. that's what i love about being a female, being in control.
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7 Responses May 15, 2012

I Love that, So sexy

Flying in a skirt! sexy conniving devil you!

Well, it seems you got into their head pretty much intended, and then led them around by their little heads ....;-)

Making a man *** in his pants is a marvelous thing and I know just what to say to my man to make it happen

I love it best when they discover and then accept because i am still a woman in their eyes!!!

When you can pass the world is your oyster. If you got it flaunt it gurl.

i know and i love it , even with sex i am in control

Control? No ****, it's what the femme does and it's great. Love to read more of your stories.

Unfortunately I think many woman have lost complete touch with their feminine-sexy side and therefore lost their sense of how they can influence men by appealing to the guy's sex-drive side. What a shame! But what an opportunity for us trans-woman to fill that gap in society let's go for it!