I Accepted The Opportunity

Quite some while back my wife & I, over a period of time, switched gender roles. Our children were grown & on their own. We had long ago split the household chores because we each worked hard in demanding fields & those I had taken were mainly those she had little patience with and desire to perform. In a nutshell, I became the household maid..washing, ironing, dusting, cleaning etc. She did the cooking, checkbook balancing & other necessary tasks.

With the children gone, I was free to wear dresses, skirts or any other feminine attire at my leisure. She on the other hand, was anxious to shed her work attire and get into shorts, capris or other similar clothing. She knew of my crossdressing before marriage & over the years I learned of her bi- leanings. With just the two of us in the household now, we were each able to expand on our "inner selves" in a relaxed and unhurried, yet totally exciting manner.

She bought me a couple of maid's uniforms, as she put it, as a reward for faithfully performing maid service without complaints for so long. I bought bras & silicone inserts in DD size to wear for her "viewing pleasure" as she liked to ogle large busted women. She bought a strXpon dxxdo for our mutual pleasure and quickly become accustomed to taking the lead in our sexual life. I, on the other hand, have become adjusted to the role of being the woman & wife in our household.

Yes, I am the woman here & proudly parade in my dresses. It makes my wife happy & keeps me satisfied and content.
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

Thank-you so much for describing your role as housewife, it sounds like you have found your true calling.

Does you husband ever wear pants and take you with a *******, Does she too play her role in your wonderful life;

Oh yes, my "husband" fulfills "his" role in every way. We're each quite comfortable with the role-changes. My need to be the woman and "his" special likes and needs have opened many doors with which we are comfortable, satisfied and, in general, our natural & uninhibited selves.

I envy your life