Balanced Relations

Personally, I would love to ALSO wear the dresses, I wouldn't want my female husband to be restricted in being able to express herself/himself as I have felt for so long (have been working on reintegrating a fractured personality for years ... dissociative response to childhood trauma and abuse?) ... and sometimes I'd like to wear capris or just shorts ... there might even be times when I could Eddie Izzard out as an Executive TV ... point is, an open mind is a terrible thing to waste ... and clothes ought be of service to the relationship, not the master thereof.
Jerielle Jerielle
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

I wholeheartedly agree and My Joey has two feminine identities, Joanie is his dominant side and wants me as her lesbian cumslut, she promises to disciple me with her riding crop and put me in diapers when I misbehave. Jo is he submissive alter ego, and she wants my to take her virginity in a very gentle manner and I will do my best to grant her wishes. Joseph is all man, strong and ruggedly handsome and I will be his dutiful and obedient wife forever and ever. He promises to train me as a first class **** sucker and *** **** and share his ***** with him and of course I will obey, I must as I love him with all my heart. I know he will make a real woman of me

thank you very much girlfriend and hope you meet your dream man too