My name is Teresa and I am transgender, living very happily these days a fulltime woman.  About a month ago I started chatting with a man who is also in touch with his feminine side and after about a week he said he had feelings for me, and of course I felt the same about him.  We continued to chat more every day and I gave him my phone number, he calls me regularly and we are now very much in love.  His name is Joseph and I plan to visit him in the spring and stay with him for a week or so to really get to know one another.  We have even discussed moving in with one another as husband and wife forever.  He is my dream man and my soulmate and I love him with all my heart.  I have never been happier in my entire life and live only to serve him and satisfy his every need and desire. Love is wonderful, don't you agree?
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Congratulations. .everyone deserves to love and be loved. Enjoy it &embrace it

Love doesn't get any better. It is the Love of our God and Goddess that brought us into existance so I am not at all surprised that it is the most wonderful feeling that we can ever feel. : )

What a wonderful love story! So happy for you both!

Thank you so much, as you can see, Pinkman is my Joseph, my one and onlyh

Again, so happy you have found your love!

Mmm I wil make you feel more then a woman.

I know you will lover and I want it so bad, how are you this morning