When I woke up this morning I was hugging my pillow, probably thinking it was Joseph. He truly is my dream lover and I think of him all the time.  He sent me some pictures, several of his face and two of his manhood, I have smothered them all with lipstick smears and do sleep with them under my pillow so he shares my bed.  We can't be together yet as we both have things to straighten out in our lives, but I plan to visit him for his birtheqy in May and stay with him a week or more,  later I will move up there and we will live as man and wife.  He will wear the pants for sure and I will be his obedient wife, always in dresses or skirts, no pants for this gal, ever.  He has a 12 year old daughter so I will get to experience motherhood as well and I am so very happy.  I have everything I ever dreamed of at the tips of my painted fingers, I love being Joeys woman and always will
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Congratulations!!! You and Joe really deserve good things in life. you have both been through a lot. I am so happy that you both have found each other and that some really wonderful times are in your future.

Thank you very much, you are a valued friend to both of us

: ) As the two of you are to me. : )