...that leaves a lot of room for requests.  I love adventure and I will try almost anything once and many more times if I like it.

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Yeah i plan on it. A new guitar is the first thing i plan to buy if i ever get any money.

Cool. work hard and u will get it.

and a better guitar i lack that too... Need me a flying V

i can think of one thing i would ask someone else to do that i would not do........mainly because i can't bend over that far LOL


Maybe it is fame and fortune i am lacking.

You will. It just takes time.

Something is missing from me i just haven't found it yet.

You will make it Ar.

That doesn't seem like a lot to me. I guess i will just have to see.

And you will be! In one if the military branches.

Yeah i guess you are right, i just want to be more then i am,

not really as i am a little older.

Well I am absolutely positive that she has done everything that I have done, Arorin. Don't feel bad, Hon, there isn't much she hasn't done. lol

That is pretty sad on my part...

I don't know Ar but probably.

you have probably done everything i ever have already..

I lived in Savannah for St Patrick's darling. I know and I wanted to be there but it is next week.

Ever been to Savannah for St. Patrick's Day? I think it is this weekend.