I Thank Him Everyday..

I have been married to my better half for 25 years now..

I Thank God everyday for bringing him to me, and grateful that God has chosen well for me.

You see..It wasn't in till, I had a very bad relationship, that almost took my life, that i had told God that I didn't trust myself when it came to love. I had NO interest in Love, marriage, children or even getting close to anyone. I soaked my life into My music.

I made a vow, To let my creator bring me, Who he wanted me to be with. Someone who would love me, As He loves me.  I have been through a divorce growing up its never easy, and what you do will ripple out to those around you. I want my ripples in life to be that of a positive and loving way.

be true to yourself, Love life, And let God lead the way.

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Hi. I think your story is very nice and hopeful. You said you were in a very bad relationship prior to meeting your now husband. I am happy for you that you have found happiness, true love and have so much spritual love. <br />
Very bad relationships can start AFTER marriage and that is what happened to me. Although, I should have know duirng the five years of being together, before marriage, that it probably was not a "match in heaven". I believe in marriage, so "sticking it out" was was I did. We were all miserable and the children grew up in dysfunctional home. After 35 years of being with a dysfunctional, obsessive, compulsive liar and somebody who insulted me in the most clever ways, I said good bye...that was three years ago.<br />
Yes, that was marriage, but a bad one. I don't know if I ever want to do the marriage thing again, but I would love to meet somebody who treated me with respect and love. I would feel blessed and know that God was indeed looking after me.<br />
<br />
Take care to everybody.

It was a lovely story regardless of any individuals beliefs and thank you for sharing it.

I totally agree...divorce completely defeats the purpose of marriage. Good for you :-)

I can see that you dont believe in a power higher than yourself.. and thats ok. you are entitled to think what you like.. On the other hand, I as well am entitled to believe what i believe in.. and the FACT is.. My belief has gone to KNOWING. God cares very much about what happens to me.. Un like humans, that only want to put people down and criticize things they dont understand.<br />
So being married for 25 fantastic years.( and many more ) . is proof enough for me to TRUST in my CREATOR.. Its easy to give up, Its easy to blame others for your downfalls and divorces.<br />
And its real easy for people to think there above all creation. And My Creator cares, because callous humans dont.