If the Phone Rings & I Pretend Not to Hear It, Did It Really Ever Ring At All?

I hate to talk on the phone.  Its anti-social, I guess, but I just don't want to  do it.  I have tried to train my family and friends (yes, I still have a few) to keep it short and simple.

Better yet, leave a nice, short message on my machine.  You get the "talking to Mikki experience" and I get not to talk to you at all.  Does that mean I don't want to hear what you have to say, of course not.  I just want you to get to the point & hang up. 

I have this 13 year old son, however, who sleeps with his cell.  He talks about the calls he has had today and the ones he anticipates making or getting tomorrow.  He gets excited about any calls which require him to answer his second line.  I don't understand him.

When he can't talk on his phone, he texts.  He doesn't text "just the facts" he abbreviates his way through the day and well into the night.  I checked his messages once.  They say very important things like...Where U at?  and 'Sup?  They say these things back and forth to each other all day long.  I really don't understand him.

He told me he also wants a land line in his room.  How many more people should he really be reaching?  All this contact seems like over-kill to me. 

Still, he can't stand the sound of an unanswered ring, which cuts down on the calls I have to answer or, more realistically, ignore.  My only beef with that is that he sees no problem trying to hand me the phone when I'm in the shower, or carrying 6 bags of groceries on one arm and a wiggly 3 year old on the other, thats a problem.

I would love it if our service got disconnected or if we were all asked to help reduct the federal deficit by donating our cell minutes to Washington.  My son would need life support. 



Mikki Mikki
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3 Responses May 30, 2007

And here I was, thinking I was the only one;-D Anyone who calls me, either on the house phone or the cell knows that I won’t answer—all that required “chit-chat” is annoying. Good grief; say what you have to say, preferably in 10 words or less, and hang up. My stepdaughter, on the other hand, was the queen of telephone marathons—she even slept with the house phone until we got her a cell, then she walked around with it permanently attached to her ear. I don’t think I ever heard it ring—she was always on it.

I don't like using the phone either. I have a cell phone but I set it up so it only accepts calls from my husband and daughter. I never answer the landline and my family already knows to make an excuse for me if the call is for me.

lol, you should be happy for your son because he is such a social person who has lots of friends. Even if he just says "SUP" Your son sounds really cute lol :)))