Eep! Kill It!

Besides the occasional phone calls for my pal, Momo.... And the once phone call from Philip and Sharon.... Well, I really don't need a phone! I have a phobia of phones anyways! People are better off chatting to me in-person, over email, or on webcam. =p

So, if the house phone should disappear, I wouldn't even notice! I don't even own a cellphone, for the same reason... I would never use it. It would just be some useless gadget, that would always been turned off and stuffed in a drawer somewhere! :-/

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

wow i thought i was just about the only one to have a phobia of phones guess not

Well, I'm glad you didn't answer then. I don't have anxiety or anything, I just hate talking on the phone. It sucks.

I hate the phone too. If it's not a family member, I don't want to talk, When people call and ask for me, I tell them they have the wrong number! I don't even answer my cell phone unless it's my husband.