Love to Ask Questions

Being very private with my business and leary of the internet I cannot at this time join this group because I am not sure I can honestly say "I wouldn't mind if someone asked me some questions".    I would appreciate any interest someone has in me to ask me questions but I may have to politely refuse to answer (depending of course on the question). 

 I don't mind being asked as long as it is understood clearly that I reserve the right to not answer.   I will (try to) respond but my response may be (again depending on what the question is) I am sorry but I do not feel comfortable answering this question at this time.   Does this make sense?

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

There, see, that wasn't so hard. ^_^ I think my last movie was Saving Private Ryan, a few days ago.

What about a simple question like... What was the last movie you watched?