Cocktail Waitress Wife

When my wife was about 30 years old, we had some money troubles and she took a job as a cocktail waitress. She always wore sexy clothes to work and the guys always hit on her. She told me once the bartender was pretty cute, and I told her it was ok with me if she wanted to do him. Well one night she got home a few hours later than usual and crawled into bed. Without saying a word we had really hot sex, and I was enjoying my sloppy seconds. We had more experiences like that and I loved to hear the details. It always turned me on, and I was never jealous.

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Yes, write of her other experiences and include all the details that she shared with you.

love it!


Glad you guys get it.<br />
I have written a couple of other stories.

Your wife knows you're in agreement with her doing the bartender if she wants to, he comes on to her that evening making her feel sexy and desirable, and she plays him for a while before 'allowing' him to seduce her (said the spider to the fly!). Then she comes home to you and, without explanation, proceeds to screw you like you're the best thing that ever happened to her. Realize, sir, that you were the main course and her buddy was merely her appetizer, a warm-up session so that she could fully enjoy sharing 'making love' with you. Let me be the first to congratulate you on having a HotWife for your shared pleasure as a couple.You know those other experiences your wife has had with other men, well, we'd like to hear about them too! Please write!

:) Lucky guy!