WHEN It Rains It Pours

just wanted to say hello to allllll my ladies on here that ive met and also to the future intriguing women to come lol.....you all are alot of fun to talk to and play the story game with lol.....im still new to this thing but im enjoying the mystery of never knowing what to expect next lol.....i never ever knew women could be soooo unpredictable in their words and actions but then i guess if you are in contact with many the mystery hits you from all sides ....i thnk i kind of like that lol.......sorry i havent been on here this week much to play iwth you all.......i miss you all and im grateful for all of you who have brightened my life with just your presence :)......love you much kisses hugs and licks hehe jk


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Feb 21, 2009