Shook Me Up

driving along at a busy time of day on my way to pick my son up from school it started to rain....pretty hard.  My daughter was in the back seat and I kept struggling with her to keep her car seat straps buckled.  It seemed like every red light I stopped at I was turning around to re-buckle her.  I finally got fed up, turned around and told her I was going to beat her *** if she undid it again.  I looked forward and saw my light was still green.  I was looking in the rearview mirror keeping an eye on my daughter while driving in 'auto mode', somehow knowing my light was still green up ahead but not really paying attention to what was in front of me.  Traveling eastbound a middle aged woman was having a hard time seeing in the rain pounding on her window.  She was doing the speed limit, 45 and as she approached the same intersection I was approaching she realized her light was red  probably the same time I realized mine was turning yellow.  She applied brakes and I applied more gas, to make the yellow light and completly unaware that she was about to skid right in front of me.  SCREECH! BAM! CRASH!  I didn't see her until I was plowing into the passenger side of her car.  The noise seemed to go on forever and I couldn't make any sense of what was happening.  It happened so fast.  We finally stopped moving and the noise finally stopped.  I'm sitting lopsided....something's wrong with my car.  My daughter is screaming and crying.  I can hear someone else screaming.  Why is everyone screaming and I can't manage to make a sound?  I can't even move.  I look down and my legs are pinned....the whole front of my car is gone.  Where's the hood?  I look around....there's glass everywhere, it looks like hail in all the rainwater.  It's thundering and there's lightening and the rain is loud.  But not louder than my daughter.  I finally snap out of my shocking trance and I start telling her it's okay, I'm sorry, it's okay, are you okay?  She's three years old and she's frightened.  ANd possibly hurt.  Somebody opens my door and asks if I'm allright.  I can't get out I tell him.  He helps me move the chair back and I get out, but I fall down hard on the pavement.  My legs are shaking, no, I'm shaking so much I can't even stand.  I throw up.  I make my way around the car noticing the driver side front tire is completly missing.  That's why my car was so uneven.  I open the back door to gain access to my daughter.  Without even thinking I unbuckle her.....thankgod she was ******* buckled....and I grab her and hold her and cry with her.  she's holding her neck screaming and I realize she could have injuries and I could be making them worse.  I inspect her....there are welts where her straps had held her in.  I kept apologizing to her.  I was speeding...I was going 55 and ran smack into that lady.  THen I panic.....the other car....where's the other car?.  I make my way around my car, for the first time noticing we are in the middle of a busy intersection....a big intersection known to have daily intersection I always cluck my tongue at and make comments about those aweful drivers who hold up traffic here on a daily basis.  Here I am....the aweful driver.  It doesn't matter that I had the right of way.  It doesn't matter that there was nothing I could do in the situation at that time.  I should have been more alert, cautious, and going a hell of a lot slower because of the weather.  The weather.... I am completly soaked and so is my daugher.  It's raining so hard you'd think God was trying to clean the debris Himself.  All the glass.....the car peices and parts.  I close my eyes....what if there are pieces and parts of a person?  what if there was somebody in that passenger seat I hit?  I didn't want to know but I opened my eyes and ran towards the other car.  God it looks an aweful mess....I nearly drove right through it.  Witnesses of the accident where gathered around the driver side of the car.  I see blood in the rainwater, flowing like a river.  I throw up again.  I run up closer yelling 'is everyone okay? is anyone hurt? did I hurt somebody?'.   there was only the driver in the car.  Thank God for that.  But she's stuck.....the passenger side of her car is crushed all the way in and has her pressed all the way up to her door.  Almost every window on her car is broken out.  I look behind me.....every window except the back ones are broken on mine.  Looks like a bomb went off.   I find out she's bleeding from her head....her head broke her driver side window out.   She'll be okay with a few stitches and she has a broken arm and hip I later find out.  They keep asking me if I'm okay.  I can't feel anything.  Every once in a while my knee hurts but I can't feel anyting.  I keep walking like a drunk though.  I stagger and fall every few steps.  Me and my daughter get a ride in the ambulence.  Before we go the cop lets me know that my car is not driveable and will be towed.   My daughter has whiplash and some adominal bleeding but will be fine.  I have a cuncusion though I don't remember hitting my head.  My nose is broken, thank you airbag, and my right knee cap is shattered....thank you dashboard.  I have some torn tissue and ligaments on the left side of my neck from the seatbelt.  My right ankle is broken.   I have excrusiating back pain.  All in all everybody's fine and considering the death toll in that intersection I say we are very lucky and fortunate.    Both cars are destroyed beyond repair.  Well, reasonable repairs anyways.  It would cost more than the values to fix them so they are totalled.     Our insurance assured us everything was getting taken care of, our bank was getting the money they needed to pay off the loan.  Two months later our bank is sending us collection notices and our credit is getting damaged.   Insurance had us sign the car's no longer in our possesion and we no longer have rights to it yet they have not paid our loan.  Everytime we call they say it's getting done today.  Well, 'today' has been happening for two months now and we can't afford to pay our loan for a car we don't have especially since we went out and got a new car.  We had a rental for two weeks and then went and got a car.  And I'm not paying a dime on the wrecked car because that's just stupid.  Insurance needs to pay for the ******* thing or our bank needs to start sending THEM the notices.  We got a notice that the car is going to be reposessed......HA ha HA!  we don't HAVE a car they can TAKE!  we've told them this.  Our insurance needs to do their ******* job.  If they don't I'm going to reveal who they are and I will go public. I will whine and cry about it until I'm heard.  They haven't paid our hospital bills yet either.  They're pist off because the lady who was deemed at fault for the accident by the police is uninsured.  They want HER to pay the damages.  but that's why WE have that WE don't get screwed in a situation like this.  Yet we are.  My credit score is important to me and it's being *** raped right now.   Even when you try to do everything right you get **** on.   GRRRRRR
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