Wrestling Nude

I wrestled nude in front of my female boss. At the time I was a 25 year old male who worked for her. It was late one night and we were locking up the office, and her other friend arrived. He was about the same age as me and yes we both fancied the woman boss. After much banter (and drink) she suggested that we wrestle to see who was the strongest male. We did but halfway through she (Wendy) suggested that we wrestle nude. What the hell, she was gorgeous so we did. In the end it turned into a fight, she was both excited and curious at the spectacle. I won.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I had the same sort of experience except my opponent was clothed and I am naked, and she's not my boss but my former highschool teacher

And after winning her, did she turn out to be the prize you expected?

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