Colorful Letters

hi, im 16 and i have a bf who is in the USAF. hes now in california preparing to start his linguist training. i can talk to him everyday, but i still write him letters. i color my airmans letters to keep him entertained. my friends help color them and we all enjoy coloring. my bf was reading some of the letters infront of other airman and they said that their gfs dont do that and were jealous. haha. i guess it made me feel special. i color them to let my airman know that im always here and that i will always support him. i told him that if he ever gets a "normal" letter, that its means that it got too hard for me. though he'll get a colorful letter everyday cause i will never stop loving him. distance makes the heart grow fonder. im so proud of my man. i just really miss him when hes gone. he wont be back until august, so thats 7 months. i know he'll be ok =]

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2 Responses Jan 6, 2009

haha. some of his friends would say that they were jealous. he still shows everyone that i love to color. he calls it true love

Haha i did the same thing when mine was away.. I even use to draw him random pictures && write him random love quotes. It gives them something the others dont have.