I Have Gotten Letters!!

yes, i have gotten 2 letters from my marine! im so excited! i was sooo woried ab him, still am, but feel alot better!

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Marines love the love... keep on givin it...

an old soldier...<br />
thank you so much! yes, i have been writing him religiously!! lol! one or more letters a week since he left... actually, i wrote him one to read when he left, but the thing ab that letter is, i give it to him before he leaves, && he cant read it until he is on the bus/ air plane on his way to his destination/deployment.. i know how mportant it is for our boys (&& girls) to hear from those they love, so i take it seriously && have pride in doing so when i write... your words mean alot to me in your statement, hope all is well && keep in touch!<br />
a very proud && honored marine girlfriend

You are a good person. Keep writing your marine. Tell him how much you love him. Keep faith with him and trust that he will be back in your arms one day. I give you an A+ in the old soldiers and Marines handbook.<br />
An old soldier