My Name Is You.

I see you walking down a lonesome road; no smiles to give or even a hello. Hands in pocket, head hung low, kicking the ground, shoveling through the snow, you is aimless; body out of control. you eat to fill a void made long ago. circumstances permit his loss of sanity, failing to see where you have turned wrong. you is in grief because of he has no soul, lacking the tools to feel happy but only enough that he feels morose. you feels to weep as he lay in bed; alone, crushed, light always on in his head. the wheels keep turning in the dead of night, scraping the sinews of lust and envy with every revolution. you; bring the torment to a halt! escape the madness of your thoughts! pull the trigger and there is nothing more. stay awake, live through the pain, for life is not love, only knowledge- and knowledge is pain. you walks the dark streets and listens to the nameless symphony of music forever. you wishes for another to cry to. in the vast crevasses of the tormented mind, only sorrow, agony and a deep regret of living occupy. like naked sedges scattered across the forest floor, his limbs tremble with the coldness of despair and hope... hope -that one day soon- spring will return and with it come warmth and a rejuvenation of life. but this winter seems longer than the last. the wind pierces to you's core, this may be his last winter forever more.

  there is little difference between you and I. the only difference that lay between myself and them is that I am you and you are him.

yaotzin yaotzin
18-21, M
Feb 17, 2010