Not Much Lately

I love to write but I have been under so much stress lately I just can't think straight.  I used to write short stories in high school and I had a science teacher that wanted me to bring him a story each day to read to the class.  The class loved my stories and the teacher said that I must be Alford Hitchcock reincarnated.  I had hundreds of stories and when I was newly married to my x husband he decided to go through my stuff and throw away what he did not think we needed.  He was such a clean freak and our house was always so bare because he was always throwing stuff away.  My stories cannot be replaced and over the years I have set down and tried to write again but I have never tried to have anything published.  Since I lived in an abusive marriage I thought of writing about that but have not got around to it yet.  It seems that I have an easier time writing my thoughts out then saying them.  I love writing letters to my husband but then I have to beg him to read them most of the time.  It is much easier for me to write my feelings down then to express them orally.  I have just always been that way.  I write from my heart. 
rondat rondat
41-45, F
Dec 28, 2007