Obsessive Journaler.

Since the age of six I have kept journals. I write incessantly and obsessively. I have to process my thoughts and feelings on paper. I also write poems, stories, and essays and have written two novels. I am working on two different novels now. It's strange. I started on one two years ago and suddenly another one is pushing to be written. I keep a journal on my desk and one upstairs by the bed to jot down thoughts that hit me in the middle of the night. Poetry is a powerful cathartic outlet for me. If I'm struggling with an emotion I write a poem about the situation and feel so much better. AFter my sister threw away a 50 pound box of my life's work 7 years ago it was hard to get back to writing. It was a devastating loss. As if I'd lost a child. Finally the poetry is flowing again. I'd like to interact with other writers and poets. Since the loss of my journals I have filled out over 100 more. I need to go through them and cull the poems.
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Sorry about your loss, it must have been devastating. I cannot wholly relate I only keep half filled note pads scraps of stories and poems. I have never been able to finish a novel; how do you do that? even though I have been working on one for 3 years now. I think success in this is not measured by publishing but by completion, you seem to be doing well in that field.

I have a lot of unfinished works but did manage to finish two novels, both of which were lost. I write fast, giving myself permission to write badly and just get the main frame of things. Then I go back and fill out the details and delete part, edit and embellish. Free writing helps free up the creativity. I take three pages and just write whatever thoughts come to mind, even things like " I can't think of anything to write today..." It really works. I'd love to see your poems. Thanks for the comment.:):)