With An Imagination Like Mine....

I have stories and scenes and ideas swimming about all over the place inside my head. I used to abhor writing until about 2007, when I was convinced by my best friend to write down this idea I was being consumed by after seeing a new movie. I've been writing fiction ever since. The topic varies by what I am currently interested in, but almost always reflects my own feelings, emotions, or desires of present in one way or another. I love telling a story and being able to share it with others. Sometimes it is the only way for me to let out some of the held back, hidden things I'm feeling without being so forward as to actually come out and say it to someone. I will occasionally weave a non-fiction from my experiences, however those are far more intimate and less readily shared, even though I really want to. I suppose this is another step towards putting myself out there, having already signed up on the fiction writing website called Fanfiction dot net. I just want to share my gift of writing with others, even though I'm a bit shy about it.
AnotherPrettyRedhead AnotherPrettyRedhead
22-25, F
Jan 8, 2013