My One Outlet

Writing has always been an outlet for me. One that is each to reach, so long as I have a pen and pad, or even my phone or computer in front of me. For me, it has always been a way to release my deepest feelings, whether in a story, a letter, or a poem, or even just a few words of comfort for myself to read again when I need to.

There are times that I feel I absolutely have to write and times I just can't. My venue of writing varies with how the last few days have been; what my feelings have been; where I've been; who or what I've see; what I've done. Sometimes it's just a simple journal of the day before or a memory from the past that has come back to, or someone I saw.

Things have been extremely difficult for me as my memories have been going and coming back. Special people have come back into my life after a long period of time, as do my memories of them and our time together. Someone will say, "Hey, remember the time when..." Although it might take a little time and effort and little reminders, they will come back to me, eventually and I will write them down, so I don't forget again. These are parts of my life I don't want to lose again, especially the memories that include the important people in my life.

silentwriter180 silentwriter180
46-50, F
Jan 14, 2013