Ink Therapy

 Writing has been a positive outlet for me for as long as I can remember.  As a youth I was so filled with negative emotion, and to restricted to really express myself that I began to get myself into alot of troubl. I began writing in the second grade a teacher taught me abou the soothing style of poetry. And amazingly I was published the first time later that year.

 Poetry was my doorway into the world of writing. I found that when I put my feelings down on paper they could no longer be ignored by those around me. They were there in black and white. No one could deny me that. Never.

 As a teen I began writing short stories. This kind of writing had a whole different kind of appeal. I could create a new,  bold and adventurous world, where I could be whoever I wanted and in a sense trasport myself into another life. It was exciting, and very good for improving my skills. As well as helping me cope with some very difficult life challenges.

 By the time I was out of school I was jotting down story after story, no longer short stories but dozens of chapters. I would let my family and friends read them and judge them and bask in the praise, though just writing was reward enough, it was still nice to hear that I was good at what I enjoyed doing most.

 Today I am still writing, and even have a website designed for interactive writing. Perhaps one day you will pass the book store and see C.A. Hobby on the cover of a book....if you do...pick it up....Im sure it will be a great read!

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2 Responses Aug 5, 2007

I feel the same way. Others may ignore my feeling but somehow writing them down indellably validates them.

I look forward to your book! I'm sure it is a GREAT read! *warm smile*