Always Mix Business With Pleasure

Writing has been my profession for 24 years, and my passion for much longer.  It is my outlet and my inlet, my Yin and my Yang, my Cheech and my Chong, well, you get the point.  An exquisite poem has the visceral beauty and esthetic perfection of a marvelous piece of music or a stunning painting.  To write well one teases out the shades of meaning from words while simultaneously teasing out their music.  The process of writing demands great mental discipline and precision yet calls forth mad abandon and creative recklessness.  I am very fortunate to be a writer of English, a language where rigid definition eludes one's grasp like eels in dark water. 
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17 Responses Aug 8, 2007

Bang, zoom, rimshot!! AG, you and I are ready to take our show on the road! :-)

El -- In that case, you will have to ask someone to lend you a hand.

Yes, and sometimes your hand has a headache, in which you're REALLY out of luck.

El -- Sadly, I think it's a Coke. Not that coke is bad, but it's not Dr. Pepper.<br />
<br />
But sometimes you have to play the hand you are dealt.

Bet that's Dr. Pepper.

I've been a fan of writing for several decades now. I have no illusions of being all that good at it. Yet, I find it to be an enormously therapeutic activity, and it has many intrinsic rewards.

yes, I went to the website and it had excerpts. <br /> just really fun!

By "check it out" I'm assuming you mean you went to the website. Can't remeber the address right now. Thanks, I love poetry, but it's so d*mn hard!

Invisible Driving was very interesting; it kept me reading. I checked it out a while back.<br />
And you def. know how to write poems, El.

If I didn't know better, I'd say I had something to do with this. All the same, I must say, to quote Elvis, "Thank you, thank you very much."

I used to be a writer<br />
I used to write a lot<br />
I'd gather up the words like stew<br />
And throw them in the pot<br />
I'd stir them round and round and round<br />
And round and round and round<br />
And then I'd wander off and forget<br />
And burn them

Indeed, my dear. Some dew on the grass. Well, maybe some dew, but I certainly don't!

Yes, thank you, we wouldn't want the wrong due or do would we...

Perhaps you meant, "I'll make do." You see, once a writer, always a writer. :-)

Remember? Yes it is like living on vacation... Water is a little warm for me but I'll make due.

Vacation. Hmmmm. Haven't had one for 7 years - think I'm due.

And you do it very well, I for one appreciate all of the great writers on EP.. and there are many.( Business), now why don't you take that vacation? ( Pleasure)